Wearing the sun on my feet courtesy of,


There are great silences in the morning.  All is quiet. The only sounds to be heard are the dishwasher combing the spaghetti stained plates, the thumping of a moon shaped clock, and the dribbling of May showers on the porch.    The rain has been courting the gardens, and bouncing off of the pavement all week. 

Instead of collecting worms, or stomping and dancing with the mud puddles, I've been as still as a cold pancake. My wisdom teeth are giving me hell, and keeping me from feeding the house plants.  There have been days when I've contemplated using the kitchen pliers.....(Ouch!!)

Although rain is all around, and fog covers the mighty sun, I have photographs for you when the sun's color brightened my feet. These yellow platforms were sent from Lulu*s, they are mighty and brave like a lion's mane. Yet, the color reminds me of a small and yellow perching bird, the canary.   The white sheer tunic was also gifted from Lulu*s, and I patiently wait to be a beach goer, wearing a bathing suit below the little white flowers.

This particular outfit was so comfortable, I could sleep below shady groves wearing it. 

You can find the Gypsy Junkies Mimi Daisy Sheer Cream Tunic here
You can find the Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Yellow Velvet Cutout Platforms here


I recently had a darling little interview/feature on Binzento Vincente,  The feature is filled with generous words and photographs that haven't been posted here yet.  I chirped with Vincent over coffee, and found him to be such a gentleman!

I was particularly teary-eyed with these kind words "I realized that Flying a Kite blog was more than just a product of fashion experimentation by Amy, its also taught us lessons to love our mother nature by recycling, and that good fashion is timeless."

Thank you dearest Vincent!

Now I'm off to sandwich some raspberry jam between two slices of toast, and then I'll stir a cup of hot chocolate and be on with my day.

 Gypsy Junkies Mimi Daisy Sheer Cream Tunic- LuLu*s - sponsor
yellow sunflower dress -  keiko lynn during new york clothes swap - free
denim - cat's eye vintage calgary - $40
Michael Antonio Studio Gallista Yellow Velvet Cutout platforms - LuLu*s - sponsor


  1. So cute, and congrats on the feature!

    / Avy

  2. you style your outfits so amazingly, like who would have thought to put those pieces together? i love your creativity. also, i love those shoes- what an awesome find

  3. Anonymous3.5.12

    Love the white top!! Love it's sheerness and how you put the sunflowers under it!!

    Please get your wisdom teeth out
    You are too sweet to feel pain =(
    get better soon

  4. Gosh, I cannot get over the fabulousness of these shoes.

  5. Anonymous3.5.12

    Ohhhh such wonderfulness as usual! Those shoes are quirky and fun! Brighten up the weather too :)

  6. Anonymous3.5.12

    So beautiful. Love everything about this outfit. :)
    xo, Tori

  7. You look so great! I love your style! You're so romantic :)

  8. THOSE. SHOES. FJDKLA;FDJ!! gorgeous!! xx

  9. Anonymous3.5.12

    you're looking adorable!^^ your heels are WOW!!!<3

  10. Anonymous3.5.12

    Those shoes really do like sunshine and so do you starshine<333333

  11. so psychedelic & lovely. you're just a gypsy dream, lady! i truly can't get over those amazing, chunky, gorgeous yellow heels. if they ever need a home...just sayin'.

  12. gorgeous gorgeous! that acidic yellow is to die for

  13. absolutely love the shoes :)

  14. Oh Amy! You look stunning here! The outfit is gorgeous, you look like a hippie :D

    Hayley xx

  15. I love this outfit. My favourites are the platforms, the cream knit/crochet? tunic and the headband! You look so free (though we know you're in pain - I'm sorry by the way)

    xo Joana

  16. beautiful! I love the flower pattern on the top shirt

  17. Can't stop staring at those shoes!

  18. congratulations on the feature and loving how retro this look is!


  19. Holy moly those are some bright shoes. Me likey!

  20. amy, do NOT get the pliers! please, oh please. however, you can continue writing poems & hyperboles, wearing canary yellow shoes, & dancing in the fog, like a flower child.

  21. Anonymous4.5.12

    Yay! My favorite color! Those shoes are so pretty and I love your fanciful outfit! <3


  22. oh. my. god. i'm in love with those shoes, they are to die for!
    mantenso xx

  23. Your tunic is gorgeous! Love the photographs too, so pretty. I hope the teeth get better soon, wisdom teeth are such a pain!

    Lou xx
    Bits & Bobs

  24. your blog is so cute
    awesome style

    Love, E

  25. your tunic is FABULOUS!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  26. Such pretty pictures. Your yellow platforms are so incredibly cool! Such a statement shoe.
    Also, I'm sorry about your wisdom teeth!

  27. I absolutely love that dress! Beautiful!

    Just A Fancy Corpse

  28. Amazing shoes :D I love them

    Visit and Follow me at

  29. I am in love with this outfit! that tunic is amazing esp over the sunflower dress! you look stunning.

  30. hey! thank you for the comment in my blog. I have to mention those yellow platforms look beyond awesome and the whole look is really cute :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  31. Hi Amy,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say that this outfit is oh so fabulous, amazing yet casual and cozy. I totally love it!

    Sofia x

  32. LOVE this outfit! You look amazing.

  33. Cute bohemian outfit! :)

    Thanks for stopping by btw. :)

  34. Talk about Walking On Sunshine :) Love it! you did a great job styling the look.