A lion's mane

 “At most, a hundred paces separated him from them. The powerful beast, seeing the riders and horses, rose on his fore paws and began to gaze at them. The sun, which now stood low, illuminated his huge head and shaggy breasts, and in that ruddy luster he was like one of those sphinxes which ornament the entrances to ancient Egyptian temples.” ― Henryk Sienkiewicz,

I love lions.  Their large golden bodies, their growl that shakes the antelope, their bravery that spooks the buffalo herd,  but mostly I love the lion's mane. It's quite something to catch sight of, how it silhouettes and curls around their heads. I've always thought the lion's mane to be one of the most ethereal images of the animal kingdom. 

Sadly, I'm one of the unlucky ones who has only seen a lion behind bars in the zoo.  Have you ever witnessed a lion in his natural home? The lion may never lay down with the lamb, but one day I'll wander to the plains of Africa to visit the lions.  Mind you, I'll keep my distance. I think antelopes run much faster than me anyhow.

When I came upon this lion shirt, I actually roared with excitement. If you can picture that!   I thought it must have been designed by a lion tamer who also cares for a flower garden.   If you look closely into the flowers, you'll find hidden animals. So far, I've found a rabbit and a bird!

Well, I've got a million thoughts running around my head, and a to-do list that seems to be climbing faster than an annoying weed. I'll see you soon!

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floral skirt - vintage from shoppalu - sponsor
flower printed lion shirt - romwe - sponsor
brown floppy hat - jc penny - $5
fur boots - atseoul - sponsor


  1. Anonymous27.6.12

    The skirt is to die for and so is the top. I love how you combined both floral prints for some magic

    Rawr ;)

  2. I love this so much, I love how you paired such pretty things together :)


  3. Your outfits are always so precious!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. I love the way you write and the way you dress. This top is gorgeous and it goes so well with your skirt. xxx

  5. Another adorable look. Absolutely love all the flowers. :)
    xo, Tori

  6. Beautiful! :)
    Daysha ♥

  7. Oh gosh u are soo cool!

  8. Super cute outfit!! I like your top and hat a lot!


  9. Beautiful outfit :)Love your pictures too, so vintage!!!

  10. Anonymous28.6.12

    You wear hats so well. It's funny where I come from there was a lion rescuer guy and he was this big burly guy with yellow teeth. he loved lions so much and would try to educate me on them every time i saw him. (he was a family friend)
    he died a few years back but i know he would have loved your shirt Amy and your words.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. you always come up with the most fun and creative outfits. This one is no exception :)

  12. Your outfit is lovely! and so is your blog :)

    Check out mine sometime if you like :) <3

    lots of love



  13. Absolutely beautiful skirt!


  14. Well as much as you love lion mane's I think you found the perfect shirt because that is totally the greatest mane I've ever seen.

  15. Love your outfit, the skirt is wonderful!

  16. I lıke so much combin!

  17. That t-shirt looks great paired with your pretty floral skirt. I love styling t-shirts in new and unexpected ways.

  18. Your pictures are always amazing and the cute personal text is gorgeous as well. Love your blog to bits, really do! + hidden bunny, nice!

    - Sóley
    we are purple

  19. Hello,
    I'm new here and I need to say that I love your style. Your blog is amazing!! and pictures are so good so I can feel the summer <3 I follow you on bloglovin and I'm gonna visit you often !

  20. So cute! I love that tee shirt. Reminds me of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. =)


  21. hello garden goddess, lion loving amy! your outfit speaks to me, in that wonderment of inspiration, way. :)

  22. I love your skirt, your whole outfit is so cute! xxxx