a sun-drenched elsewhere {part 1}

This was our first day on Vancouver Island.
After two long days of hearing FM radio stations fade in and out, we finally made it to Vancouver Island. The drive to our first campground was beautiful. We passed mighty corn fields, saw horses with their fillies and colts, we even saw Alpacas loafing beside the road.

As we came into our campground, I first noticed the trees reaching for the sky, but it was their trunks that made my vision blurry. They were exceptionally thick and wide as if their roots led to Narnia. These trunks weren't ordinary, they were gardens walled with bark. I had to pinch myself constantly -- just a reminder that I hadn't been drugged, or put through some spaceship into another world. Looking at the trees sideways, looking up at them until my neck cracked, you could have said "welcome to heaven!"
I would have believed you.

After taking photographs in the shadowy forest, we hiked the Englishman River Falls. At the bottom of the trail there was a verrrrrry cold lake. When I pressed my fingers against the water, its touch felt more like snow. The temperature didn't stop Carter from jumping in, but it certainly stopped me.

That night we sat by the campfire and saw the brightest stars.
The next day, we went to the ocean.

What I'm Wearing
sunhat - thrift store value village
dress - boutique onze { sponsor }
boots - thrift store  value village
white lace blouse - thrift store value village
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  1. Anonymous6.9.12

    Gorgeous As Ever. Carter is brave You are so sweet! Like a doll :-P

  2. you look like a beautiful walking doll lost in the forest. lovely photos. <3 :-)

    inspiration from the little things

  3. These are incredibly beautiful photos my dear. I am eternally jealous of this vacation, it looks absolutely beautiful. You and I are so similar about these things, there is no where else I'd rather be most times than under the stars surrounded by forest and ocean. I love your outfit too, you look like a doll.
    xo, Tori

  4. that sounds fun!
    the forest looks eerie though :p but your cute outfit makes it interesting ^^

  5. this is a really beautiful & dreamy post Amy, i adore it

  6. You look so beautiful!

  7. The photos are breathtaking. I have been to Vancouver Island but not this park; sad I missed out. And the dress is a beautiful colour.

  8. Wonderful pics and nice dress! XX

  9. oh my gosh, so glad i just stumbled across your blog. your photos and style is so beautiful!
    I think we have a very similar style :)

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  10. Such beautifully written words to go along with such captivating photos! And the details on that dress - WOW!

  11. wow, stunning photos! <3

  12. Anonymous8.9.12

    You look like a doll Beautiful description too xo

  13. Oh wow, it is positively dreamy there. And your description...its like reading a passage from a book! Lovely writing and style, girl - a powerful combination indeed :)

    Trendy Teal

  14. so pretty! these photos and your outfit are wonderful. now on to your older posts to explore!

    lindsey louise


  15. I like how you layered the dress with that lace top.


  16. your comment on my blog is so cute. I'm now in love with this site and did not hesitate to follow! these pictures are beautiful and your outfit is gorgeous- I love it!

    Francesca xo

  17. These pictures look like a dream. What a lovely day.

  18. Your photos are gorgeous, what a beautiful trip you're having. Your dress and top layered together are perfect.

  19. Anonymous11.9.12

    This is so dreamy Amy ~* x

  20. Your dress is just so cute and sweet. The article itself brings to a very dreamy place.

  21. I love the pics so much!! ould you pease consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: shineonbyandrea