goodbye summer goodbye wisdom teeth

The ants are gone. They got weak when the leaves started to fall. All sorts of birds are eating the trees leftovers and bears are making themselves fat. Carrots, cabbages and ingredients for salad have been pulled from the garden. We've already made pickled cucumbers and spicy canned salsa. There's just something about Autumn that makes you want to eat... a lot.

Autumn has arrived and I'm posting pictures from the Summertime. This is because I've been unwell and unable to finish anything. The world is a cruel place when you have a bad case of wisdom teeth. They pull and push through my gums like an irritating neighbor, causing desperate moans and belly aches.  In other words: they @*#&%(#*%&# hurt.    All I can do is drink warm milk and stare at the Tylenol bottle beside my bed. 

Well, not for much longer ! Tomorrow is the day when the dentist puts me to sleep and yanks them out while I dream of daffodils and James Dean....or something like that.  Adios teeth, I won't miss you, but I sure will miss that summer air..

This dress reminds me of a scrumptious layered cake! It was gifted to me from Artsy Closet, an online Canadian retailer filled with beautiful vintage-inspired clothing. It's not often you find a Canadian flag in the online boutique world so I'm happy to support my neck of the woods. If I could own every dress from them, I surely would!
I did an interview with them too - you can read it here
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I'm not looking forward to spending the next week with a chipmunks face and a baby's diet, but my mouth will be glad to have those unwanted tenants gone.

See you soon {with four less teeth :)}


What I'm Wearing
willow dress - artsycloset { sponsor }
sun hat - thrifted from value villlage
purple socks - welovecolors { sponsor }
tapestry wedges- ASOS
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Battle Breast Cancer.

An email arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago from the generous people of Rethink Breast Cancer.  They asked me to help salute Breast Cancer awareness month by joining Battle Pinka creative contest gathering media personalities from across Canada in a 'Who Styled It Best' battle. Participants will send in their styled photographs and the public will vote for their favorites. Each vote equals $1 towards finding the cure. 

I was brought to tears while reading the email. I never thought my little blog would actually raise money for cancer.  All I had to do was style their Fashion Targets Breast Cancer t shirt and ask my readers to vote. I wanted to take these photographs in honor of my grandmother (my mother's mother) who died of breast cancer before I was born.

My grandmother Margaret was an English girl. She grew up in London and came to Canada as a British War-bride. It was here where she married my grandfather and had four babies, one of them being my mom. My grandmother adored England and spent her life wearing the clothes reminiscent of her girlhood. This included soft colored dresses, hats for all occasions and high heels (even when she lived in a boot-wearing town).

Although I never got to meet her in flesh or walk through the streets of England, we have something great in common; the desire to wear high heels no matter how many times we've gotten stuck in sidewalk grates. I wanted my outfit to capture her English girl spirit so I wore a delicate dress, pink beret and frilly socks. I can't sew the way my grandmother did so I used scissors to cut the shirt and made a bow with the leftover material.

This contest isn't about winning. Vote for anyone, it doesn't only have to be me. Just think of every breast that's been taken away and each belly that sunk when the words "You have cancer" were spoken. 
This is for breasts and bellies!

Vote Often! {remember, each vote counts for $1!}
The contest runs until October 15

What I'm Wearing
h&m dress- value village $7
pink beret - zellers $4
fashion targets breast cancer tshirt - you can find here {all proceeds will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer}

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Moo cards

These are Moo cards. []
The kind folks at Moo cards asked me to design and review a set of their business cards. I never realized the importance of having my own set until I started going out to events, whether they be blog-related or just open mics. Putting a card with your contact details into the pocket of a new friend [ or potential business partner! ] is a lot more memorable than just becoming a name on their cellphone.

The Moo cards are very easy to design. You can choose pictures you fancy & write anything that comes to mind. Moo lets you decide whether you like blue/green, black/pink or if you prefer the simplicity of one color. . it's all up to you.  

        I chose my blog's banner as the front side and a reader's portrait of me on the back.  The colors arrived vibrant and eye catching. It's as if the whole farm is popping through the paper. Moo cards are definitely not your traditional business cards. More like little pieces of art.....

& with a name like Moo, don't you think my guitar-strumming cow could be their poster child (^.^)

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