goodbye summer goodbye wisdom teeth

The ants are gone. They got weak when the leaves started to fall. All sorts of birds are eating the trees leftovers and bears are making themselves fat. Carrots, cabbages and ingredients for salad have been pulled from the garden. We've already made pickled cucumbers and spicy canned salsa. There's just something about Autumn that makes you want to eat... a lot.

Autumn has arrived and I'm posting pictures from the Summertime. This is because I've been unwell and unable to finish anything. The world is a cruel place when you have a bad case of wisdom teeth. They pull and push through my gums like an irritating neighbor, causing desperate moans and belly aches.  In other words: they @*#&%(#*%&# hurt.    All I can do is drink warm milk and stare at the Tylenol bottle beside my bed. 

Well, not for much longer ! Tomorrow is the day when the dentist puts me to sleep and yanks them out while I dream of daffodils and James Dean....or something like that.  Adios teeth, I won't miss you, but I sure will miss that summer air..

This dress reminds me of a scrumptious layered cake! It was gifted to me from Artsy Closet, an online Canadian retailer filled with beautiful vintage-inspired clothing. It's not often you find a Canadian flag in the online boutique world so I'm happy to support my neck of the woods. If I could own every dress from them, I surely would!
I did an interview with them too - you can read it here
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I'm not looking forward to spending the next week with a chipmunks face and a baby's diet, but my mouth will be glad to have those unwanted tenants gone.

See you soon {with four less teeth :)}


What I'm Wearing
willow dress - artsycloset { sponsor }
sun hat - thrifted from value villlage
purple socks - welovecolors { sponsor }
tapestry wedges- ASOS
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  1. Anonymous22.10.12

    that's a pretty dress and pretty pictures. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  2. Anonymous22.10.12

    Awwwww good luck with your wisdom teeth. I can remembr getting mine, Just stay away from solid foods for awhile and I know youll recover great.

    Beautiful photographs. My favorite is the second one
    you are juss lovely!!!

  3. you are so beautiful! i love your photos! they're just like scenes from an old movie. :-)

    good to know that the source of your discomfort would be finally taken out! :-)

    inspiration from the little things

  4. perfection!!!!

  5. You look super gorgeous!! Love the dress!!

  6. Lovely outfit


  7. So adorbz, Amy! There's something a little Japanese cosplay about your outfit which is awesome. Must be the platforms and umbrella :D Hope recovery after you get your wisdom teeth pulled out goes well. Poor thing!

  8. So adorable <3 I love your boots <3
    xoxo, Chance to change

  9. god how i love your girly style. those shoes really did it for me, they were such a fun, wildly-patterned surprise

  10. you did it beautiful way <3 i love every piece of this outfit.

  11. gorgeous outfit and photos! You look stunning, Amy i truly do love you, you are wonderful! <3 Always have and always will love your style :)

    Hayley xx

  12. These photos are magical. I think I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out soon too. I'm terrified! I hope it's not that bad! Good luck, dear!
    xo, Tori

  13. Anonymous24.10.12

    Get well soon hon, You look beautiful.

  14. Second photo, you look stunning, dearest!

  15. Waoo, you are so beautifull.
    Aurélie (France)

    PS: I follow you on GFC, may be you can follow me too and isit my blog ;)

  16. Beautiful dress! And I am feeling like eating a lot lately for sure! I hate how Autumn does that. Hope your surgery went well!

  17. Good luck with your wisdom teeth surgery! I'm not quite to that point yet (and I'm 22!) even though most of my peers have had theirs out. I guess my mouth is a late bloomer or something? haha
    Anyway you look gorgeous as usual and I'm in love with your dress. The color is amazing!

  18. This look is put together so beautifully! I love the shoes and the dress as well. I hope you've had a good recovery!


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  20. You have, by far, the cutest clothes and blog! Enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather!!

  21. Anonymous2.11.12

    so pretty... :)
    Irene Wibowo

  22. I adore you fashion sense