cobwebs and shooting stars

For the past five months, I've been feeling puzzled and bored. I don't have the same aspirations I had a year ago and it feels like the things that once inspired me are drying up like an old puddle. The ambition for taking outfit photographs just hasn't been alive like it used to be and I feel like my heart is yearning for something new. These thoughts do not come easy and they certainly weren't welcome at first, but they exist and all I can do is try to listen and understand them.
I've been staying awake very late hours trying to replace the cobwebs in my mind for shooting stars. I spend the night reading poetry books, seeking out new blogs to be inspired by and gazing at photographs trying to find what I've been missing. Since October, I've been trying to put the pieces of an unwanted puzzle together. Should I keep blogging? Should I take a rest? Should I make a new creative space? Should I move on? 

And then it hit me...
 I simply forgot why I came here in the first place. I started this blog because it was a way of sharing things I could not find a home for in real life. I lost myself for awhile because I thought if I craved something more than just outfit photographs, I was due for goodbye. After months of curiosity and confusion, I've decided I will keep at blogging because it makes me happy and I am not yet ready to say goodbye. I gain so much joy through getting dressed in the morning and sharing posts here for you. I just needed a little time to realize that I wanted this blog to be more than just outfit photographs.

 So what does this mean for Amy flying a kite moving forward? I'm going to turn this blog into the world I've always secretly wanted. This means the same blog as it has always been but more. I want to include regular features (e.g: how to's, creative writing, poetry, playlists, style photographs, blog contributors, wishlists, other things..) Mostly, I just want to share my life with you. My goal for 2013 was to reach for the moon and find more meaning in my life. 

I want to use this blog as a vessel for sharing my own exploration and evolution from the girl I am into the girl I want to be. Whether you're here for the words, the pictures, or you believe in the symmetry of both, I really want to thank you.

If you have any suggestions on posts you'd like to see or you're interested in contributing at some point, please leave a comment!

 |  dress & bunny brooch: value village | |  tights : welovecolors | |  banjo : guitarworks  |


  1. Anonymous18.3.13

    I really love your blog the way it is already but I am excited to see more ! you are a true inspiration to me ::)

  2. Carter18.3.13

    I'm excited for your new direction! We are going to have such a great time on our adventures.

  3. When I started reading this I was like 'oh my gosh no you can't leave!!' so I am so glad you decided to stick around and share your life with us and I can't wait to see the new things you have in line for us! :D

    Francesca xo

  4. This is a super sweet outfit! I'm gad you decided to keep blogging, and Diys/'how to wear' posts are always pretty exciting :)

  5. This is your space, and you should do whatever you wanna do with it. We, the ones who follow you (and if we're true followers who love what you do) would stay here seeing this beautiful transformation. 'Cause I'm sure it's gonna be so beautiful.

    By the way, one idea: I collaborate with a really cute fanzine called MissRobin... if you feel isnpired for sending us something, feel free about doing it!

    Love from Spain,


  6. I always adore your outfits posts (just like this one) because they are so magical. But I totally understand that you want to move away or add to it.

    My blog went through a major change recently. It used to be a style blog but I got tired of that and stopped blogging. But a couple of months ago I did the same as you: I started searching for the meaning of my life.

    Sounds Now my blog is a journal to show my adventure to find myself and to fulfill my life long dream of becoming an actress and filmmaker. I'm hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams as well :)

  7. cute- super whimsical. love it!

  8. woooww I adore you so much. you're cute, sweet, pretty and perfect. :)

  9. Amy, I don't know if it's selfish or not but I'm glad that you finally decided to keep blogging. You are inspirations for many other people, your words, your styles, many people want to be like you. Being bored is something humanly, I just hope by feeling bored you can explore more of your talents and make your blog the greatest blog ever.

  10. So so excited to see what new wonderful things you have in store for us Amy! I'm so so relieved that you haven't decided to quit blogging - I would miss you too much!

    If you ever need a guest post, let me know! I would be honored :) <3

  11. What a lovely shoot! I love this photo where you play ukelele <3 Awesome!!!

  12. Anonymous19.3.13

    I am excited for whats to come on this blog =)

  13. I'm so in love with your blog! totally following<333
    all your outfit and photographs are just..beautiful!!
    I was quite worried reading the first paragraphs, you know.
    and your writing and choice of words are really nice :D
    I'd like to see more photos, maybe a peek into your daily life?:)

  14. anything you want to share will be a beautiful thing because amy it comes from you. continue honoring it, and yourself. :)

  15. I really liked the pictures and I'm looking forward to seeing what your blog will become! Best of luck! :D

  16. I'm so glad you are going to keep blogging! You endlessly inspiring, and I cannot wait to read more of your poetry as well. I'm excited for where your blog will go! <3

  17. thank goodness you decided to continue posting because I just found this cute little blog of yours ^O^ and I love those pictures you took, so whimsical and lovely~ I love the pastel tone, and that banjo is a nice details <3

  18. i love this space, and i'm so happy you are not leaving, and that you are going to begin to share more. i am so excited to see how you grow this already so beautiful place.

  19. I'm definitely here both for the words and the pictures. You are lovely and you have a lovely mind. I look forward to reading and seeing more from you.

    xx we are purple

  20. You are such a beautiful inspiration! Its always such an escape reading your writings and gazing at your photos- Im thrilled to see you moving forward!

    I hope the best comes your way! Always good vibes to you, Amy!

  21. Love your blog, cute outfits! anyway hope you can check out and follow my new blog thank you :)


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