a deer eating lunch

After days of feeling like the kid at show & tell that doesn't have anything to show or tell, I decided to wander further outside. I was hoping to find a colorful bird or a skinned knee I could take home to show everybody. I felt like my own backyard was not enough and that I should climb the fence to get to an adventure. Carter was feeling the same way and if you can find somebody who shares your feelings, grab their hands and go. Exploring is always better when you're together.

We put our feet to the sidewalk and started walking. The day was too hot for wearing boots but I didn't know where we'd end up so boots seemed like a safe bet. We had no plans on turning back until late in the day so we packed a frosted can of iced tea and granola.

It was only 15 minutes of wandering before we came upon a wild thing, a deer was eating lunch on the grassy hill. She didn't seem to mind that we were struck by wonder and staring in her direction. As long as we stayed quiet, she would keep munching the grass and flowers.  If we made a noise, her big ears would twitch like the antenna on a radio or a bug.

 It was a lucky thing that I had my camera with me for evidence in case anybody doubted that I spent my afternoon watching a deer forage. I think if people know you like writing stories, they're bound to think you like inventing stories too, and maybe what you say happened in your day didn't really happen.  If you keep a camera in your pocket at all times, it is like having an extra pair of eyes, proof that some story-tellers aren't just telling fables.

The sight of something wild inhabits the body like music. I did not need to climb, swim or skin my knees to find something that filled my heart with joy and adventure. A deer fifteen minutes from home and a can of frosted iced tea on a summer's day was enough for me.

Floral Shirt Dress boutique onze c/o || Boots DNA footwear c/o || Floral Backpack • gift from mom when she visited Italy
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  1. Oh seeing deer roam wild is one of the most magical things! You look lovely. Florals and floppy hats will always be a perfect pair. How I wish I could go adventuring with you!
    xo, Tori Lynne

  2. Awww deer is so cute :)
    I love all of your pics


  3. Lovely photos and great dress!


  4. You write the most beautiful words. Photos are wonderful too, but I read because your words are so lovely.

  5. These are just the most delightful photographs ♥
    Issy x

  6. wow you look so magic <3 I love like everything about this outfit <3


  7. These pictures are so beautiful!

  8. Wow, the colours out there look so beautiful. That looks like a wonderful place to have nearby as a getaway.

  9. Anonymous8.9.13

    Your backpack is SO perfect. I love these shots!

    Xo, Hannah


  10. What a wonderful place, like the beautiful scenery there.