Rock Garden Trail

At the end of July, I packed up my favorite summer clothes and headed towards family in Vernon, British Columbia. I wanted to go where the wild fruit trees are wide, a place where moss and spider webs convene. The roads you travel to get to there are endless in beauty; mountain slopes and pine trees surround you.

 We took breaks from the road along the way but my favorite of them all was the Rock Garden Trail.  In front of the trail there was an abandoned parking lot and a sign that warned us of six hundred pound beasts that call the trail home, Grizzly bears. We quickly realized that we were the only humans around and it made our hearts beat like tiny kick drums.

The trail leads through moss and lichen covered boulder fields that date back to the last Ice Age. As you walk the only sound is the creaking of your steps on the boardwalk and the faint sound of cars in the distance. It is equally beautiful and terrifying. What if I fall? What if the beast of the forest sees me? Is it possible to vanish from earth if I am west of the highway? Is there anybody out there? When you wander into wild territory, there is no telling what may become of you.

I think that is why human beings need the wilderness. It exists to remind us of how small and delicate we are. There is a world of lichen and rock that has been growing -- long before my grandmother was even a pebble in her mother's belly. There are pine trees, still standing, that have made shadow and shelter for generations of grizzly bears. What a remarkable world.

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  1. I need to get away from the city more. Love the skirt.


  2. gorgeous outfit Amy <3 You look beautiful! What an amazing place to live near! Would love to visit Canada, one day hopefully i will!

    Hayley xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and your hair is awesome!


  4. so beautiful!

  5. wonderful place, I love your skirt

  6. Goodness gracious, Amy! This has got to be one of my favorite new outfits of yours. Everything about this is so utterly beautiful, I'm always so jealous reading about your adventures. Your traveling photos are so gorgeous.
    xo, Tori Lynne

  7. Looks similar to the planked parks I walked through in Tofino! Gorgeous scenery and I love your floral skirt.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  8. Gorgeous photos! I hope to someday go out and see BC's mountains. I agree though, nature is there to remind us how small we are in contrast to everything else, and to awe us with its amazing vastness.

  9. Anonymous5.9.13

    "" When you wander into wild territory, there is no telling what may become of you. "" That is my favorite thing I have read in a long time

  10. Las fotos son preciosas!!

    Me encanta el top ;)


    Alas de Angel

  11. Those photos are truly amazing! <3 You look so hippie :)

  12. Anonymous8.9.13

    I absolutely adore the feeling of being at peace, along in the wilderness. These photos are so stunning- I love how natural they are! You are quite a beauty!

    Xo, Hannah

  13. Anonymous8.9.13

    What a beautiful skirt on you !

    Lovely words as alwayss xo

  14. Anonymous9.9.13

    I absolutely love your dress and the mountain landscapes are amazing! :)

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  16. Hello, I am new here, you have a cute blog and love this outfit
    wow you live in a beautiful place!!!!

    Ruzu from Costa Rica.

  17. Gorgeous pictures!



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