zucchini and sunflowers

There is a certain sadness that comes to me in the month of September. I start scrambling to find something to do before the cold wind arrives, something that makes me feel alive the way summertime does. I try to remind myself how lucky we've been as our outside temperature continues to feel like July, but I can't help from feeling very aware that the entire landscape is about to change.

I could write a thousand love notes for summer and in between the sentences you would find that my love reaches far beyond an affair with the warm weather. In the summer months, all of the roads are clean and dry. You can walk or travel by car anywhere you please, even if you don't end up leaving your home, you still know a world of possibility exists outside. Trees are big and act as curtains to protect you from the heat, little bugs catapult themselves into plants, birds put on a symphony and everything is very very alive.

Even when you cry in the summer, the sun dries your tears before they can reach your chin.

While I was in Vernon visiting family, my schedule was filled with beautiful summery things. We took residence in a house my cousin was dog-sitting for, while the owners were away. They had a big backyard, a swimming pool and a healthy garden where we picked zucchini's that came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One zucchini in particular looked like a dinosaur and the dog, Diesel, looked like an Oreo cookie.

On day two of our stay, we hiked Silver Star Mountain. As we climbed, wild flowers appeared like giant paintbrushes and all of the colors blended together with the melody of bees. We stopped along the way to pick strawberries that were smaller than my pinky finger but my god they were tastier than any grocery store fruit. I keep wishing the strawberry stain had remained on my palm.

Now I am home and outside is where I should be. I can go pick the tomatoes in our garden, water the flower beds and marvel at how bright and warm everything still is. I know a bout of intense crying will occur when the last of the flowers dissolve into the dirt -- but that time has not come yet.

Dress & Sunhat & Shirt & Shorts   Value Village || Floral Backpack   gift from mum
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  1. the hat and braids combo is too adorable! you are beautiful and your blog a treat to read. xo

  2. great pictures!!!! <3 it :)

  3. Coming from a tropical country, I am intrigued with how the changing of seasons looks like and also with the feelings that accompany it. The sun is almost always visible where I live.

    Wonderful photos and your words speak to my heart. :-)

    Melodies In The Sand

  4. your posts make me so happy.
    I'm really going to miss summer!! :-(

    Francesca xo

  5. God, this post is so beautiful!

  6. I love all these pics, specially the first one! You look beyond pretty. The dress, the hat, the braids... Wow.

    I am not going to miss Summer at all, I can't stand the heat and the sun for too long and I hate suntan ahah. And Autumn is so romantic/nostalgic! x

  7. Aw you are just so adorable! I love how perfectly summery these pictures are.

  8. wow such a lovely post! I love the pictures and you look so lovely with braids and an hat! :)
    I specially love the photo of you with the horse ;)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  9. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  10. Those sunflowers are incredible. You look like you live in a summer paradise. I've never seen so many sunflowers together! This post is just so dream-like. I love the colours of Autumn but the sunshine always brings cheeryness with it. It's so much harder to be sad when you are warm inside and the light shines through. Right now the rain is trickling down my skylight. Lovely in it's own way, but not as happy. I love the idyllic feel to all these photos.

  11. Anonymous17.9.13

    This is such an adorable post! I'm obsessed with your outfits and hats! And these flowers are truly amazing.

    Xo, Hannah


  12. Anonymous18.9.13

    You captured summer so beautifully amy,
    Really lovely and inspiring :)

  13. I love fresh zucchini! These photos are so great. (I found you while searching new blogs on Bloglovin!)

    Kate from Clear the Way

  14. your photos are so awesome !!!! YOU ARE SO SWEET !
    Nice blog hun

    Bisous from FRANCE

  15. The plaid skirt flatters you well.