Lake Minnewanka

A visit to Banff isn't complete unless you breathe in the Lodgepole pine and hear freshwater splashing against the rocks of Lake Minnewanka. Only 15 minutes from the town site of Banff, a moment spent by the lake makes one feel as tall as the mountains and as wild as the wood thrush's song.

Squirrels hurry about, climbing trees to ring bell towers and leafy plants are growing everywhere, even through little cracks in the rock. If you put your palm to the water you can feel the grip of a snowdrift, which means it is far too cold for swimming or dipping your feet in. Sometimes the most beautiful of lakes are the ones you cannot touch. When they are this close to the mountains, all you can do is look out and try to discover if it is the lake's heartbeat you hear or your own.

A long time ago, long before Canada was a country, the shores of Lake Minnewanka or "Lake of the Water Spirits" was a home for the earliest peoples of North America. Spearheads and tools made of materials from the forest were once used to give life here, now they are history books sitting in museum displays. To think that a tool made by living breathing hands has lasted longer than the hands that made it is incredible. 

When I am long gone and my house is at the bottom of a lake, what will the archeologists of the future discover? Will it be my banjo that washes ashore? Will they put it in a museum display next to the spearheads they found at Lake Minnewanka? Will they call it history?

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  1. Anonymous10.10.13

    Have you ever listened to the low anthem? I feel like your blog is a music video to all of their songs. Mostly their slower songs which are some of the prettiest songs I have ever heard.

  2. loveeee that photos.. Nice outfit too.. where can i buy that hat? i love hat and i like your hat..
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    with love,
    Bella Luna

  3. Great shirt and boots! Beautiful photos!

  4. breath taking!!! absolutely stunning pictures.

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  5. Amazing pics! Lovely outfit :)))

  6. Anonymous11.10.13

    Such a beautiful place x And you look totally adorable as well.

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  7. wow beautiful photos & a beautiful outfit! You are so lucky to live right next to a place like that!

    Hayley xx

  8. These pictures are simply gorgeous! I love the plaid

  9. Anonymous13.10.13

    This is a very cute outfit! Love the blouse peeking through with the bow, and your words are always nice:):)

  10. Charming outfit and beautiful location! Love your blog! xx

  11. Those photos remind me of Moonrise Kingdom <3 <3 <3
    Wonderland :)

  12. I am blown away by these photos!!! The mountains are incredible and your outfit is the cutest EVER. Nice to see that you're in Calgary since I'm from Saskatoon. :) xoxo

  13. These photos are seriously beautiful. They belong on a postcard or in a visiting book. So so so pretty. Also you are way to adorable!!


  14. Your words are like a song. That place is breathtaking! And you are too cute! Gorgeous photos. ♡ :-)

    ~Melodies In The Sand~

  15. amy, where you live is spectacular like something out of a story in a book, movie, or calendar. great couple photo of you and carter. :)

  16. Just found your blog today and I love your style! You're so adorable :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  17. The place is wonderful, it is really worth a visit.