Hawaii: the dress my mom wore

It feels a bit strange to be writing about flowers when all I can see outside of my window is snow, the kind of snow that turns your ears pink and makes even the strongest person feel fragile. I am not complaining though because I spent 16 days in Maui, Hawaii and if I had stayed any longer I would have missed the Evergreen trees at Christmastime.

While I was packing my suitcase, I felt that I only needed three things: a hairbrush, my swim suit, and a very special dress my mom gave to me. The hairbrush was necessary to prevent my hair from growing upwards, a swimsuit because I was ocean bound, and the dress because my entire life was waiting for this moment to wear it.

The dress used to sit below our old home's staircase in a box that smelled like Christmas decorations. I can remember opening it just to have a peek when I was still too young to be careful. The flowers always stood out to me as flowers often do, as if each petal had the power to make time stop. It didn't look like something you could wear on the prairies, not even on the sunniest of days, so how did it arrive in a box underneath our staircase?

 When I was finally big enough to slip the dress on without it falling to the floor like a puddle, my mom gave it to me. It was then that I learned the dress came all the way from Hawaii. My mom found it in a shop called Hilo Hattie when she was just twenty one. It was her very first time traveling and she had never seen palm trees before. The dress was a way for her to not only blend into island life, but to take home as a memory of the flowers that grow there.

I rose my arms, pulled the dress over my head, and looked towards the palm trees and purple flowers. It was a similar view to the one my mom saw at twenty one, before she ever knew she would have a belly that could grow a daughter. Now that daughter wears her dress.
Dress   Hilo Hattie || Flower Crown • Longs Grocery Store

Photos taken at Maui Sunset in Maui, Hawaii.

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  1. Beautiful! Really loving this post, merry christmas to you! Hope you have a fantastic day :)

    Hayley xx

  2. This post was so gorgeous. I love when I'm given clothing from my mom or grandparents. There's something really special about it.
    Have a merry Christmas!

  3. Such lovely colors! I love it!

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  4. amazing and lovely pics..i so much love those colors..

  5. Anonymous29.12.13

    You take amazing pictures Amy. Loved reading this post. Made me think of my own mom :) Happy New Year!

  6. Beautiful pictures and dress, so relaxed and colorful! I love this kind of pieces that pass from one generation to another so special!

    Happy New Year!!!

    OceanWind Blog

  7. Anonymous30.12.13

    these pics are amazing

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  8. Beautiful dress and such bright pretty pics

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  12. The dress looks pretty, like it, your mom also has a good taste on fashion.

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