Hawaii: animals by the sea

In the early morning hours, when the sun opens the sea, you can hear the roosters calling. They are small but powerful creatures and they serve you with a yodel so loud you are forced to turn the kettle on. In Hawaii, the daylight doesn't last very long so sleeping past the rooster's call can make one feel spoiled.

Whenever I travel, I always enjoy mornings the most. After a night spent in bedsheets, where dreams can take any shape, you wake up to the reminder that you are here. Your day of adventure has just begun and nothing tastes so good as hot coffee in the morning.

While we were taking these pictures, a small and furry kitten poked its head through the flower bush and greeted my ankles with wet kisses. I tried to be gentle but I was afraid if I petted him for too long, he would become dependent on my love and follow me to a place where cats cannot be. I realize now that by petting him I was the one who became attached. For many days after I wondered where he went to. I looked at children playing in the street and imagined them to be the kitten's family but I'll never know if he's out there kissing the ankles of a friend or just a feral cat beneath palm trees.... Let's hope for ankles.

There were a lot of beautiful things to see and feel during my trip but the most beautiful of all was coming upon a green sea turtle. We were standing by the water when a local man looked to me and said "Big turtle! Big turtle!" I looked to where his fingertips pointed and lying on the beach was something out of prehistoric times. A giant sea turtle was sunbathing where the rocks meet the waves, five feet away from where I was standing.

 I know we will never meet again but that is just a small part of what makes the sighting special. The real joy was in knowing an endless ocean awaited him.

Dress & Hat Savers in Maui

Photos taken at Maui Sunset in Maui, Hawaii.

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  1. Great dress and I love those post boxes!

  2. what amazing photos! lovely post :)


  3. pretty dress and photos :D


  4. Anonymous7.1.14

    The plastic fruit on the straw hat is adorable....it makes me so happy that the turtle has endless ocean. Not all turtles get that lucky xx

  5. Hello! I was first drawn here to your photos, but after reading this, I know I will return not only for the photos but for your stories. You are a beautiful writer, I wanted to jump right in the photos! (PS- thank you for allowing me to sponsor your blog, I know it will become a frequent stop for me)

  6. My goodness what a beautiful girl you are! And your blog is, quite simply, magical. Thank you for finding me, because now I have found you! Hawaii looks so stunning and special. I shall have to add it to my travel wish list!
    Xx Carly

  7. I take back what I said about kittens... squee!! darling, your photos are sensational. I am your newest follower x

  8. these are so breathtaking! They tell such a beautiful story!

    love, polly :)

  9. Hi Amy, such beautiful words and pictures, Hawaii looks so amazing. I love your dress :) Thanks for the lovely comment you left me, you have a great blog :)xx Aimee

    The Belle Narrative

  10. Anonymous13.1.14

    beautiful colors! love all of your photos


  11. aww that little kitten and the turtle are so adorable! it's hard to tell how big it is from the photos but i know they can get really big if they get old enough. you look so pretty and comfortable in that breezy dress, perfect for a hawaiian holiday.

    little henry lee

  12. I love these photos, they are so beautifully dreamy! You look adorable :) And OH MY that turtle awww!!

  13. So lovely and peaceful. ♡♡
    ♡ Dulce

  14. Looks amazing, love all photos and the turtle

  15. Absolutely amazing, I love the photo love you and the cat. I must go to Hawaii now.

  16. Like the stunning red dress, you look so beautiful in it.

  17. you look perfect in this stunning red dress.

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