Hawaii: blooms and seawater

I've often dreamed of visiting a place like this. Every road is separated by blooms and edible seeds,  every sunbeam encourages sweat on your brow, all bird chatter is louder than your thoughts, and you'd never think of feeling glum because everything is so beautiful.

During my last few days in Hawaii, I wanted to savor every inch of seawater I could. As much as I love the fragrance of flowers, it is the seawater that I will miss the most. I swam and swam until what felt like years of running came together at once in my kneecaps. I was alone in the sea and it was much more satisfying than being alone anywhere else in the world.

I played a game with the water by bobbing my head up and down. When your head is in the air, you can hear waves crashing and the occasional fish jumping. When your head is in the water, everything is quiet except for sometimes it sounds like a mermaid is rubbing two rocks together. I let go of my body and like a mother putting her baby to bed, the sea carried me to the shore. It was time for me to go home.

We flew in daylight over the Rocky Mountains and I could see the strangeness of being alive from my window seat just like I could when I was swimming. As I looked below at the triangles of milky snow, I felt like I had only lived a day and there would be a million more days ahead of me.

I will return to the blooms and seawater but for now this is my home.

For whatever we lose (like a you and a me)
It's always ourselves we find in the sea
-e.e cummings
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  1. These pictures are simply adorable! I love your berry skirt

  2. I am in Hawaii too right now, I wish I had known you were here! Your pics are beautiful, I was in Maui for a week but now I am on the big island and its my last day :( I'll totally have to check out Savers next time I am in Maui!
    xo Hannah

  3. This makes me want to go to the sea so badly. (Hawaii, specifically) beautiful words, beautiful pictures.

  4. Anonymous17.1.14

    Wow this gave me chills. Photographs amd words are beautiful.

  5. Again, beautifully written, very poetic, you have a gift. Also, I am so happy you thrifted while away, this is one of my favorite things to do while visiting somewhere new. Your finds wear perfectly on you. xo

  6. I just found your blog!!! It; s cute:) I really like your style and photos:) Beautiful look:) I greet:)

  7. I love these photos, that hat is so cute on you.

  8. A heavenly paradise, ever so dreamy! :]
    ♡ Dulce

  9. How WONDERFUL. I've never seen the ocean (I live in landlocked Kansas) but when I do, I'm positive ill never want to leave, I already cant get enough of our tiny town's swimming pool. lovely, lovely photos, dear. Its so inspiring and a joy to look at them. You've gained a new follower because im just so happy when I come here. Keep up the delightful work :)

  10. Those flowers blossoms are just perfect and so is your outfit! Everything from the blouse and the skirt matching the flower on your hat makes my heart skip a beat. Your trip must have been so wonderful, all these posts are making me so jealous!
    xo, Tori Lynne

  11. Like your entire suits, they are comfortable to wear.