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Love is more than daffodils and pretty sentences. It is more than two characters you see in a picture show or the girl you glanced upon while you were walking. Above all, love is about spending time with somebody who makes you feel delightful. I love my love not only for his wisdom, his beard, or his poetry but for the laughter and joy that ensues when we spend time together.

The love coupon makers at asked me to put together my own customized book. I had the option of making one for a friend, a family member, a special occasion or my lover. As you can see, I picked my lover and the special occasion was life.

The idea of a love coupon book is simply about building memories with somebody who lives in your heart. You design your book with date ideas and that special somebody gets to redeem them. It is like having a calendar filled with happy times ahead of you, except you never have to take the calendar down. Datevitation made it very easy to create and customize my book, with over 500 date ideas and the ability to create your own, it felt like I had made something with my own hands.

Sometimes we get lost in the daily drum of clocks. We forget to turn off the television, we make eye contact with our phones, and we don't reserve precious time for our loved ones. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that life is short and love is all we've got. So let's go on adventures together.

For the chance to win your own customized love coupon book: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Books normally start at $25 but if you use the coupon code FLYINGAKITE you'll get $10 off your purchase + free shipping. You can make one for your family, friends, or even little ones too. The code expires February 27 and the cut off date for Valentines day orders is February 3.

*Opinions expressed here are my own.
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  1. This is a great idea! thanks for sharing about this

  2. how cute. brilliant!!

  3. these are so cute! I love how they have the little pics to go along with the date ideas :)

  4. wow, this idea is brilliant! so is your whole blog! I loooove your photographs, it's all just so magical :)

  5. Anonymous28.1.14

    I love the fly with me one because my husband is a pilot! I love these ideas!
    Carly D.

  6. Anonymous31.1.14

    My favorite illustration is Cook & Clean.

  7. I like the skydiving illustration

  8. I just saw that I won!!! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!! I am so excited to make my coupon book!! xo

  9. Anonymous23.2.14

    me ha encantado tu blog, me quedo =) by

  10. These posts are so beautiful.