I’ve saddled and rode a horse only twice in my life. Each time I was the age of baby teeth and each time my ride was cut short as I slid down the horse’s neck when he started to eat field daisies. I gave up easily. Not being trained in horse's tongue does this to you. I didn't know how to ask a horse to stop daisy chewing and let me ride into the open prairie. I just told myself that I was never meant to be a rider.

The only horses I ever knew were the ones on my grandmother’s farm and they were wild as weeds growing between a river and its rocks. My grandmother would give me a bucket of sugar cubes and I'd carry it toward the horses. The closer I got, the more their hooves would pound the clay and make dirt rise into the air. Sometimes I was brave enough to let them eat right out of my hand, other times (most times) I tossed the sugar cubes from a distance. No matter where I stood, whether close or afar, I could hear my teeth rattle beside my beating heart. The wild in my grandmother's horses was all I ever knew horses could be. I was afraid they saw me as a giant sugar cube.

The horses I rode and fell off for daisies belonged to a friend's farm. They were much tamer than my grandmother’s horses, maybe too tame as they preferred flowers to letting their hooves fly. Sometimes I wonder if I should have fed my grandmother's horses a daisy diet instead of sugar cubes, maybe then I would have been able to get close enough to hear their heartbeat and not only my own.

 I hope one day I know what hooves on an open prairie sounds like.
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  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful outfit, beautiful words!


  2. I love your tights. Such a nice pop of color in the quiet winter woods. Horses are wonderful, beautiful animals and mere words cannot describe them. You already have that yearning within you, someday, I'm sure you will know them :)

  3. Beautiful post! Such magical words written about your experiences with horses. I truly believe those people who interact and learn to love other living creatures grow into beautiful souls. My most recent post over at my blog is a wedding photoshoot involving horses with pastel hair (mane) and I just think is is marvellous.

    Paige |

  4. that is super adorable dress <3 <3

  5. what a super sweet dress!

    xxx Anna
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  6. What a cute dress! Love your hair!

  7. Anonymous7.2.14

    Wahou! I love your pics... the dress is adorable...

  8. I adore this dress! The hat is cute as well!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  9. That dress is adorable. And it looks gorgeous teamed with the orange tights. x

  10. gosh, gorgeous pictures! you have such a lovely blog :)
    xo, cheyenne

  11. You're adorable and this pictures are gorgeous. I absolutely love the print on your dress and how great those orange tights look with it!

  12. Anonymous9.2.14

    i love the dress. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  13. Anonymous9.2.14

    So so lovely. I hope you get to ride a horse again someday soon (:

  14. I love every single thing about this post! Your words are so poetic and magical and give your stories such life. And your pictures are beautiful! You live in a very beautiful part of the world. I loved the Canadian prairies when visiting recently :) Carly xx

  15. Loving this naïf look and the great atmosphere of the pictures!

  16. I love your look!

    Reflejos de Moda

  17. missed your posts Amy. Glad to have found you again. Your blog is as beautiful as ever.

  18. Like your hair style and your skirt, the entire look is great.