After The Flood

It started as a gulp in the throat when I first heard about the floods. I never imagined, not even in my nightmares, that the rivers where we dip our feet could swallow our city.

I looked outside of my bedroom window and there I saw my usual world. The only thing that appeared to be wrong was the way the wind howled and the sound of rain hitting our shingles. I could see our neighborhood and it's houses, there were no sharp shadows or floating trees. Every bit of rain became nothing but a tiny puddle.

I looked into my television and I saw bridges underneath water, places where I've walked turning into swimming pools and people being asked to abandon their homes for higher ground. I watched a friend's house be swept away by the merciless current and I felt helpless.

The river made the sky look like it had arms but we could not reach it. 

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I'm one of the lucky ones. My house sits on a hill and the river does not travel here. I am only 15 minutes away from trees that were uprooted and houses that were ruined, but I felt like I was much much farther than that. As if I lived in a different world, all because of one hill.

Days have passed since the floods came and our city is starting to put itself back together. No longer does a warehouse of "what ifs" and "no ends in sight" make us gloomy. It is hard to imagine losing things in a flood like your first teddy bear, your favorite kettle, a prom dress you wore or portraits of your family but these 'things' do not matter when compared to our breath.

We are so lucky to be alive.

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Explore the prairie fields.

These pictures were taken in early May, right before the prairie fields were woken up by the rain. It was dry and the air was still deciding if summer was going to come. I felt like an adventurer seeking happiness beside the wild brush. It was a good feeling, a feeling I wish to have more often. I wanted to stay on the hill, gazing and bending for every small purple flower but time has a funny way of making you go home. (Even when you don't want to).

 If only I were an explorer and my home was on the road.
If only my family and all those familiar scents of our house could travel with me. 

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Vedette Shapewear: underneath the moon & a giveaway

As you may know from reading my last post, Vedette Shapewear asked me to style one of their garments in a day to night outerwear look. You can read the daytime post here. 

I don't often compare what I wear in the sunlight to what I wear when the moon comes out. I usually dress in whatever suits the weather or my mood. Sometimes I'll have worn three different blouses by bedtime but its got little to do with the hour and everything to do with my own indecisive brain.  

I styled this outfit to be my daytime look and then I started to dream about wearing it underneath the stars. There is something about this outfit that says outside picture show, sharing popcorn, holding hands and hearing the cicadas hum. Maybe it's just me but I dream of wearing braids and polka-dots to a summer night date where we eat cherries at midnight.


The shapewear is a lot more versatile then I anticipated. I worried it might look best hidden beneath my clothing like you'd except from most shapewear. Instead I learned that if shapewear comes as pretty as this one -- why would I want to hide it?

 To enter the giveaway for your chance to win surprise shapewear from Vedette, just follow the Rafflecopter app below. There will be three winners. Best wishes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Polka Dot Skirt - Forever 21  | Beige Coat - Romwe | Beige Shapewear - Vedette Shapewear  
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