Friday, May 30

my life in photographs

My life during springtime can only be described as soil underneath my fingertips. In the garden, you'll find seeds have become baby blooms and the bees have found their invitation tucked inside every petal. I kneel into the dirt and sculpt little caverns before placing my plants, it makes me feel like I am free. As of yet, none of my flowers are dead. There is still time for this to happen but I am hoping my backyard world will offer the right amount of sunlight, rain, and shadow for the flowers to grow wide in their spring song. 

Tell me about your gardening story. Do you have a favourite plant or flower? Do you have any advice for a girl just discovering her green thumb? Tell me more! 

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  1. oh! the banjos, guitars and flowers.
    perfection without words.
    you have such a lovely soul, Amy.


  2. I love springtime & love flowers. I've just started planting in the past few years too. Geraniums are my favorite because I love deadheading them! Here's a link to a post I did last summer with my various flower pots:

  3. There are so many gardening stories in my life but right now the garden story that is going on is ... we bought a house on an acre of gardens. The previous owners were Garden Club Ladies. Every day something new comes up, blooms, shows itself and I am enchanted.
    The deer love it, the birds and the chipmunks. And I do too. Right now I am just watching it unfold .. everything is intense green and poppies are opening ! tulips are finished and iris are starting to open .. lord knows what's next ! :)

  4. These photos are all so gorgeous.

  5. This year I too I am trying to dig out my green thumb. My favorite flowers are: Lilacs, Peonies, Hydragea's.
    I am a little sad because my dad had pruned our lilac trees at the wrong time so they did not yield as many blossoms. I feel a little deprived because on my usual routes running around I see extremely large lilac trees yielding tons of those delicate tiny blossoms in other people's property. There are times where I think about getting hedge clippers so I can take some lilacs for myself. I planted a new little lilac tree myself. I hope as I care for it, it will grow big and blossom wildly just as I prefer my garden.

  6. these pictures are so lovely <3

  7. Beautiful selection of pictures!

  8. Anonymous31.5.14

    I am a first time commenter here. I've always wanted to pop in and say hello but I am shy. I want you to know how refreshing your posts and pictures are. I appreciate flowers and bees now that you talk about them with your beautiful words

    I have also tried taking pictures like you do. I'll never be as good but you show me that taking pictures is about telling a story and that all of our stories are unique. I want to share my perspective when I take pictures just like you do:)

    Gardening, I am still learning. My grandmother loved planting tulips and all sorts of veggies. she was very creative like you are. I wish I had a big backyard so I could garden too but I hope one day that I'll have soil and room for plants. Please post more gardening pictures! I would love to see the whole thing:)


  9. Love your garden so much... Nice flowers.

  10. all these flowers yay *_* your life is awesome!

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  13. Your garden is amazing, so many beautiful flowers, My favorite flower is sunflower, it brings sunshine.

  14. These posts are amazing, you may be good at photographing.

  15. All these photos look amazingly good.

  16. these photos are so lovely! together, they tell a story of a woman with a love of nature. sunlight, water, rich soil... all necessary for plants to thrives, but the real secret to a "green thumb"? TLC. i think you have it in you, friend. good luck and enjoy the blooms!

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