Into the garden

Little bees dance around petals, birds chirp madly and happily, bright yellow butterflies come to drink the nectar, a tiny orchestra of small things make up the heartbeat of our garden. Every chirp, song, flutter and buzz makes one feel like they have sent an invitation to life by the way of flowers. How could it be that so many of my neighbours do not get the same joy out of watching the world as I do? I think we could all stand to lose a few minutes of our day, lost in the garden, watching the world twirl around us.

I love gardening and I believe you're never too young or too old to start building your own garden. There is nothing in the world like putting your hands into the soil, digging a trench, planting by seed or roots and watching your flowers grow. I feel as though when summertime comes, the pots and backyard garden are my most prized possessions. I could spend every daylight hour planting, potting, pruning and enjoying, but then summer, like all living things, must come to an end eventually.

Here in the garden, we have grown little poems that smell better than any bottled fragrance.

As I sit here, in the sunshine of September, I know many of my flowers will soon begin to wilt with the arrival of a new season, so I press them between two pages of wax paper inside dictionary's and old school books, that way I can visit their beauty in the wintertime too.

Here are some photographs from our current garden. Some of my favourites we grew this year include our marigolds, helichrysum, sweet peas, hydrengeas, alyssum and dill for pickle making. Do you grow a garden? What kind of flowers/herbs/veggies do you enjoy? Any tips for fellow gardeners? Please do share your thoughts, memories, and tips on gardening in the comments!

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  1. Lovely post, and great photos. :)

  2. Sarah6.9.14

    Your garden is so beautiful, Amy!

    Where I grew up, we had tulips in the summer. Whenever I see gardens, it reminds me of my childhood. Maybe next year I should start my own garden but I worry all of my plants would die. I am terrible with taking care of things :(

  3. Ohhh, how pretty! It was so silly of me not to have a flower garden this year. But my family did grow a truckload of zucchinis (I wish I would have kept count!) and there's still a ton of kale, collards, and tomatoes left! Plus we've got pumpkins on the way, which I have my fingers crossed for that they will be orange by Halloween. ^-^

  4. really wonderful i love my garden i'm to see it go when winter comes.

  5. Anonymous7.9.14

    I love the yellow bunch of flowers you are holding in the picture by the shed door
    what kind of flowers are those?

    Lovely photos as always

  6. Your garden is so beautiful & inspiring! And I must know (please!): where oh where did you get that dress?! :)

    <3 Megan

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This is absolutely the most beautiful, lovely post. Just wow.

  8. i wish i had own garden <3 awwwww you made me stop for a while and dream <3

  9. You reminded me of a childhood hobby. I liked to dry plants and make herbariums.

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