The rabbit, the trees and me.

It was only a week ago, I was running through the forest, climbing grassy patches and kneeling to smell the summertime flowers. There were bright red berries growing on the trees, the garden was alive and the air was warm like a cooing kettle. Travel to a week later and there is snow everywhere, fat clouds of white have blanketed the flowers and killed all the hope that was left for pressing them. I sit here, wearing double knitted socks while my body shivers and shakes. I pour Irish cream into my coffee, hoping the warmth will make me feel alive again.

I awoke in the night to the sound of trees crackling and snapping from their trunks. The far-too-early snowfall is like a heavy stone on the leaf-covered trees, causing the roots and branches to tumble apart. People's vehicles have been damaged, people's gardens have been sabotaged, but worst of all is the trees lying like graves in the street. I want to curl into my bed and fall asleep with my tear soaked eyes. It is so hard on the body and heart to go from blissful warmth to winter blues in a matter of hours. They tell us the snow will rapidly melt and reveal the green grass once again by the time our weekend rolls in. All I can say is that I hope so.

I can handle the cold, I can handle the loss of my harvest, but losing the Autumn after being generously basked in its promises makes it difficult for the soul to adjust. I would like to watch the leaves turn from green to yellow, to sit in the quiet Autumn street and listen to the leaves whistle down the corridor of houses, I would like to feel Autumn on my skin before winter furrows its brow and keeps us inside for a season.

I had planned to write an optimistic post about my recent desire to grow playful and weirder with my wardrobe. I wanted to tell you to be brave and to wander through your world like a living painting, wearing the clothes that best represent who you are, but then the snow came and it made me feel like I should be hibernating. So, I'll leave you with a colourful outfit of mine, one that showcases the silly, rabbit loving, quirky girl I have come to be. 

 The Outfit
Dress  OASAP
  Hat – Savers in Maui, Hawaii
Knee High Socks Free People

The Location 
Ravine behind my house, Calgary Alberta Canada
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  1. Aww you look gorgeous!

  2. "I wanted to tell you to be brave and to wander through your world like a living painting..."
    YES. A weird wardrobe is the best way I've found to express yourself without even trying. I want people to be able to look at me and have a clue about what's inside by looking at the outside. :) Love this outfit, and the photos came out great!

  3. Cute dress and love those flowers :D

  4. Cutest dress! I always looove how you look with your hats, inspires me to try wearing more hats! :)

  5. Aaa this is such a cute dress!! :)

  6. Anonymous12.9.14

    The rabbit on your dress is adorable

    Sorry to hear about the weather, I'm sure it will warm for you soon :D

  7. well, forest is magic place. i know what you feel. </3
    you're so beautiful & you look stunning!

  8. Anonymous13.9.14

    I saw many of your post and have to confess I am delighted with your blog, has a different style and manages to decipher your tastes and personality. I love photography and the pictures you have are so beautiful :)

    WWW.CHICPINEAPPLE.BLOGSPOT.COM / instagram @mcdd_photography

  9. Anonymous14.9.14

    Adorable look! I love how you wore that dress with those tall boots! Very unique and unexpected! The rabbit on your dress is so cute :) Photographs are also very enjoyable to see and very beautiful! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, it means a lot to me!

  10. Anonymous14.9.14

    Are you from a fairytale??? :) <333

  11. SUPER COOL!!!
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  12. Sarah14.9.14

    I hope the snow melts :)

  13. Beautiful photos! I love your hair and that dress is so cute

  14. I love these pics! You are always a source of joy!

  15. such beautiful dreamy photos! love your cute style! :)

    Metallic Paws

  16. you look pretty and cute :)

  17. Your blog is so beautiful, I am enjoy reading your blog. Forest is a mysterious place, "I wanted to tell you to be brave and to wander through your world like a living painting", I should be braver. Your outfits are so lovely, love them.

  18. This is absolutely cute!

  19. Sehr schöne Outfits, ist es für Sie geeignet.