Into the fog

Into the fog may seem like an appropriate title for describing the nature of these photographs, but it is even more fitting as a way of describing my mood lately. Into the fog, like a child who finds herself between a log and a mushroom without knowing her way home. I am wearing clouds on my eyes as thick as pine groves. I try to make myself feel better by drawing hot baths, focusing only on the good that exists in my life and keeping close to the actions and objects that make me feel the happiest, like music and laughter or poetry and taste buds. It works for awhile as I glow in my attempt to keep myself fed and well, but then the fog returns like a forgotten secret, as if to remind me that I will never be a stranger to it.

As a blogger, we often desire to create a home for our readers to escape to, a place where the wolves cannot get you. As a human being, we are often so afraid of letting others know how imperfect and fragile we really are. We run away from the very emotion that gives birth to poets, we run away from sadness as if we should be ashamed of it. I for one have always treated sadness like an ingredient necessary for a beautiful life. It is what makes me listen deeply when a friend is speaking to me, it is what makes me feel a striking fire when I sing, it is what makes me abandon silly desires that could swallow others whole. Sadness may be the reason I am living in a fog today, but sadness is also the reason I started writing, gardening and playing my banjo. I did these things so I could escape sadness and I ended up growing poems for my family, flowers for the honey bees, and banjo songs for those who are listening.

I want to remind you and myself that a life is not measured by feasts of flowers and sparkling cider, a life is measured by moments, tiny fragments in a day and what we choose to do with them. We can hide our sufferings from one another, we can go forth with believing everything is greener on the other side of the hill or we can let our sadness make us better listeners, singers and history-makers. We are not alone and whether the day shines for us or not, there is always somebody out there who feels sad too. Be kind.

The fog will lift and every colour will look more beautiful than it ever did before.

The skirt I am wearing in this post was hand crafted by a sweet girl named Lital – she is a fashion designer from Israel with her own label called Isidora Anne. The label is a tribute to her grandfather and every piece is handmade with tender love and care. I adore her designs, especially the colours of fabric she chooses. Her entire collection reminds me of a vintage storybook that is both romantic and playful! You can get 10% off at her Etsy shop by entering the code amy10
 The Outfit
Sweater OASAP 
Skirt – Isidora Anne 
^^^(10% off by entering the code amy10 )^^^
Shoes Bait Footwear

The Location 
Ravine behind my house, Calgary Alberta Canada


  1. I love your color combinations. You live in a truly beautiful place.

  2. The colors go together so well, oh my butterfly, you look like a sweet little cotton candy cupcake!

  3. What lovely photos! And a lovely post, as usual. :)

  4. Anonymous6.11.14

    beautiful poetry

  5. Beautiful outfit, pictures, and post. You are an incredible poet. :)

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  6. These photos are so dreamy, I love it

  7. Beautiful scenery and love your outfit! <3 <3

  8. Your outfit is very cool, Amy! I really like those colors. I think these earrings are a perfect match. And I absolutely adore the pictures.

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  10. "I want to remind you and myself that a life is not measured by feasts of flowers and sparkling cider, a life is measured by moments, tiny fragments in a day and what we choose to do with them." I remember this all the time. And then I forget again. But slowly, slowly, I am stringing those little remembrances together like a rope of beads so that the gaps between them, the forgettings, get smaller and smaller.

    Your writing is as beautiful as your lovely, ethereal photos. And your message is more beautiful, still.I have found my moment of grace today, just here, in these lines.

  11. i enjoyed every word of this, because recently i have been feeling the same...
    thank you for this sweet reminder.

  12. A fog that rivals any bokeh, BAIT footwear, pastel galore... This is perfect! So dreamy, evocative and nostalgic. The misty ethereal atmosphere... I am simply stunned by the foggy backdrop and your outfit. Well done!

  13. Wow!!! Amazing post.I just loved it.

  14. Amy, this set is simply stunning. The colors, the mood; I can smell the grass and feel the chill of the fog on my shoulders. And you're absolutely right, the reality and nakedness of just existing without constant fanfare and sparklers is one of the most powerful things one can wield, and you wield it magnificently!

  15. Such a beautiful analogy with words and images, I can so relate with how I've been feeling lately and wish for this fog to dissipate with the winter fresh air. Stunning pictures as always!

  16. Love the photos!
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