The rose petal dress

I am a winter born girl who is desperate for warmth in the floorboards. I cannot live a life where I wander purposely, always searching for where the sunshine grows, nor can I live a life chasing darkness just to call myself a better poet. I am not only happy, I am not only sad. I am both of these feelings in the same day. Sometimes, and only sometimes, sadness will consume me and render me its student. This is how I felt before writing my last blog post. I was sad and no amount of music or birdwatching could wake me from the sour taste of wanting to feel better and not knowing how.

I moped to my mother. I put blame on my lover. I crept and cried while the hands on the clock moved slowly. I wondered if the feeling would lift the same way forgiveness keeps a friendship or clouds part after a rainstorm. I knew in my heart, time would be kind to me. I would return to my body and reconnect my head with my soul. I would once again be the winter born girl who had songs of summertime in her bones.

Today as I write to you, I feel like happiness is here, between the belly and the bone. I sat on the floor of a book store and I heard children laughing. I looked out of my kitchen window at midnight and saw a wild rabbit chasing the moon. I tasted raspberry jam on toast in the early hours. These are the tiny moments in a day that make me believe happiness is here. Sometimes, and only sometimes, sadness will consume and render me its student, but then time comes to pass and I begin to see things a little more brightly than I ever did before. If you can't let sadness help you grow, what on earth is it for?

The Outfit
Dress Chicwish
White lace blouse – Value Village
Red Tights Joe Fresh
Banjo  Dogwood Banjos

The Location 
Ravine behind my house, Calgary Alberta Canada


  1. I absolutely love your dress! And I didn't know that you lived in Calgary, I live pretty close (in Edmonton). :)
    Amy xx

  2. Anonymous15.11.14

    Nice pictures, nice words... Love your dress.
    Xx, Macarena

  3. You are a vision, and your words are soothing.

  4. The dress is so pretty :)

  5. Stunning pictures and outfit inspo ! You look amazing! I love your boots!



  6. Very pretty outfit, love the colors and the dress, stunning :)

  7. You look so gorgeous. I absolutely love the lace top layered underneath this adorable dress. Such fantastic layering going on in this outfit.

    Jamie |

  8. I love to read your writings. Please never stop. On a related note, that lace top under a dress is genius. I love how you pop out of these photos.

  9. Anonymous17.11.14

    Your poetry makes me feel alive :D

  10. I love what you wrote about sadness. Sometimes after being drowned in sadness, it makes your perspective on everything much brighter.

    Kaylyn Nicole

  11. Looove how you have styled your dress with the lace shirt underneath. Love to read your words about sadness and happiness, raspberry jam makes a brighter day indeed! :)