The Calgary Collection

I feel very proud to be included in the second season of The Calgary Collection. The Calgary Collection exists to showcase and share the beauty and framework of folk music in our city. Through a series of short film portraits of songwriters, singers, musicologists and instrumentalists ― the films explore what it means to be a folk musician in Calgary.
On a June day, we heard a knock at the front door of our home, along came Mike Tod, Gillian McKercher and the rest of the film crew. We sat in our beloved jam room and talked for hours about folk music, singing, those who inspire us and what it means to be alive. We sang, we cried and we laughed. Everybody involved in the project carried a creative spirit and most importantly, a tender heart. I left the day feeling like the little bird that lives in my heart had been set free.

I will remain in awe that I was given this opportunity to sing, play my banjo and give my thoughts on what folk music means to me.  To be among these talented artists who paint songs and give purpose to those who are listening makes me feel incredibly grateful! You can watch my videos above and find the series of film portraits for this season and the previous one at thecalgarycollection.ca 


  1. You are so incredible, Amy. I'm so touched to have you even on the outer fringes of my life. Knowing that you exist, that you create, that you sing... you're just unlike anyone else.

  2. also, this is the first time I've heard your speaking voice! unsurprisingly, your speaking voice is great (because of course your singing voice is!).

    please leave canada. come to the states. move with me.

  3. Sarah H18.11.14

    Your singing voice is so special. I felt chills when I listened to you, very powerful Amy. I wish I could hear you sing in person. Must be quite the experience. Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  4. oh amy. you're amazing! i connected so very deeply with every single word that came out of your mouth. weather it be your singing or your wonderful interview and thoughts on the subject. what dear gems you are. such lovely films, too! i knew you play banjo, but i had no idea you were so amazing like this. wonderful, wonderful job and killer representation of folk music. what you said about how it makes us feel, being different, just singing is so true and you deserve the highest recognition and all the medals in the world for it.

  5. That smile when you say "just sing" says it all, captivating & special. I loved listening to your video (it's the first time I hear you talking) and how I totally feel it natural from the way I read you here. A big purr from Juno (our cat) who came to listen to your video too with excitement :)

  6. I really like your blog!
    How about following each other? Let me know & I follow right back!


  7. Cool! I just started playing the banjo and actually stumbled across your blog through bloglovin' recommendations. Hooray for roots music.

  8. Anonymous26.11.14

    I LOVED your videos!!

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  10. You are such a kindred individual and it was really cool to get to finally hear your lovely voice, to put a voice to the face.
    You are always a source of inspiration :)

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