Free People Interview

"Creativity to me is like swimming in the sea. Some of us jump in for joy or to cool our bodies on a hot summer’s day, while others swim because the sea calls their name and makes them feel alive. Being creative is not always a choice and joy isn't always a part of the creative process, many times the creative person was born this way and they spend the rest of their lives learning how to make the most out of it."

When we talk about our dreams, we often have no idea if they'll come true or not. I've always had the dream of having my art be loved or noticed by those I admire. There is something special about having somebody you respect turning to you and saying "I believe in you too."

There are so many hours in the life of an artist that nobody ever sees. When the art is appreciated, artists can feel good knowing that every quiet hour or moment spent alone creating their art has been worth it. When you appreciate an artist, not only are you making their day better, you are encouraging their dreams to stay alive, and we all know, an artist without the dream is a house without the home. Don't ever stop saying "I believe in you."

Recently, this dream of being appreciated for my art became a reality when Brigette from Free People asked me to participate in an interview for the Free People blog. I've always loved Free People and I am over the moon to be recognized by them!

You can read the interview here.

*Thank you Brigette ~the bird for believing in me and asking me such inspiring questions.


  1. So well written, completely agree about creativity,
    congratulations about your interview :)

  2. Anonymous3.12.14

    beautiful Amy, as always. :)

    1. Anonymous3.12.14

      I love the new layout on your blog. So pretty :)

  3. awesome! I love it!

  4. Congratulations, Amy! You absolutely deserve this recognition. I've been following your blog for just a few months now, but it was love at first sight (no intention of coming on strong here, hah...) Your photographs are wonderful in the way they tell a story and your writing is honest, deep, and magical ! And I'm always pleased to come across another fellow nature enthusiast. So yeah, you've got yourself a fan over here :)

  5. Oh me oh my, this blog is a little treasure trove of everything I find beautiful and worthwhile in life. You can bet I'll be sticking around to soak up more inspiration from you in the future!
    x Erin