Winter and my patchwork coat

These photographs show you a wintry day — the snow had fallen while babies slept in their beds and the cold winds of winter cooed and cawed throughout the floorboards. I told myself many years ago that I must learn to call every winter beautiful and find my own reasons for saying so. I will not spend a lick of December longing for the garden or trying to catch the fragrance of flowers. I will stay cozy and close to the fireplace while being dazzled by the kind of glitter you can only find in the snow. I will bake shortbread cookies and give them a hot cocoa bath. I will find one hundred reasons to love the season in which I was born.

It tests our spirits to try to love winter the same way we love the summertime. There are no flowers to dig trenches for, no travel while you are barefoot and no bumblebees or butterflies to dream upon. I try to see beauty in the snow-covered trees but sometimes it is difficult when you are shivering at the knees. The simplest way to see winter as a celebration is to bundle up inside of your favourite winter coat, the one that is warm in the breast and in the sleeves, and go into the woods. It is the woods that look the most beautiful in the wintertime. Watch for the birds and see your own breath appear like a cloud in front of you.

After these photographs were taken, a warm gust of wind pushed my hat to the ground and gave my rosy cheeks a more natural colour. I looked up to the sky and saw how the clouds were parting and revealing the softest blue beneath them. A warm pocket of sunshine has been kissing the land ever since. If only the weather could stay this pleasant for my birthday on December 13th!

The Outfit
Dress – Oasap
Winter Coat  Thrifted at Value Village
Hat  Scala Hats from Winners
Fringe Boots ALDO


  1. Oh wow!! what a wonderful, unique outfit!? Love your dress, it's so romantic!

  2. Wah! That's the most beautiful coat ever... So Penny Lanr. And you found it at Value Village too? Amazing find! These photos are gorgeous.

    Xoxo Mariel

  3. I love this winter atmosphere in the photos, they are wonderful as is your outfit, you look great :)

  4. Your outfit looks so dreamy and cozy! All of your photos are so pretty and your writing captures the season so well!

    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  5. Stunning outfit! So inspiring!


  6. I love your coat! And I love the way you write, its magical. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  7. Snow makes for the most wonderful portraits. I have lived in a snowy state since birth, but only this year have I discovered that I do not hate winter, I *love* it. It's so calm, soft, sparkly, and beautiful. Truly peaceful.

  8. So lovely! I always fall in love with each season as it comes, for different reasons. Winter is the time to be cozy and cuddle, and also I do love good winter layers; summer is the time to be free and explore the outdoors; spring is for flowers and pretty pastels or brights, and fall is possibly my favorite, with its ever-changing leaves, crisp mornings, and warm afternoons. I love how you've captured winter here! I used to have a coat like that, and I miss it dearly. It was so warm and pretty! You look lovely.

  9. wow this look is so beautiful ! so unique and magic <3 i totally fell in love with it <3
    i love winter by the way!

  10. Oh, I have the same sentiments! I'm a summer child with the goal of appreciating winter, it can be tough! You look wonderful with this mixture of feminine lace and bohemian boots and coat! The shades of brown and cream look lovely against the snow backdrop too.

  11. Ahh, still so in love with this styling. Absolutely brilliant. <3



  12. You're such a dream!

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