a few proud flowers

 Several times a day, I look to where the sun is pointing and I put my body there. I could sit underneath the sky for hours, even when it's warm like a kettle after it coos. All I need is a few proud flowers, a cold cup of water and a spot in the shade for when my cheeks turn rosy from the sun. I don't want to miss anything, not the ladybug, not the bare sleeve, nor the green foliage that lights the forest like moon shimmer on a boat at sea. 

Here and now, below the June sun, I gather lettuce from the garden and soon after, I am counting freckles in the mirror. I count which ones were here in the winter, I count which ones are newly made. I keep myself busy in ways I never do in the other seasons. I pull weeds from the garden, I visit my friends where sunlight falls, and I sing outdoors where the voice sounds best. I belong to this season the way bones are meant for dogs to chew or baby breath is meant for mothers to cling to. Here and now, where the sky is bright and the banjo is strung, beauty and happiness is all around me.

When is your favorite season? I can never fully decide between the garden planning and little sprouts of springtime or the full grown flower bed of summertime.

 The Outfit
  Skirt Pink Champagne Vintage
Blouse & Hat – Value Village
Banjo – Dogwood Banjos
The Location
Edworthy Park, Calgary.
Flowers from my garden, cosmos and dusty millers.


  1. This is so beautiful - the outfit, the photos… I especially love the fullness of the skirt. If I'd have to choose, I'd say summer is my favorite. But it's a close call! ;-)
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  2. These photos are sooo cute! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Your photo shoot and sense of style never cease to amaze me! You plan an instrument too. What can't you do?


  4. Your photos are gorgeous! I can't wait until I'm less busy and I can go outside more ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Gosh I love the place! And I always enjoy your post.

    Ashley xx
    Dreamland: Fashion, Food, Travel Blog
    Lauren Parohinog FB Page

  6. Megan H.12.6.15

    Dear miss Amy, the poet.
    You write so wisely

    I am always looking forward to your next post

  7. I love the carousel of the seasons, love each in its own particular turn. But truly, I'm a Winter girl at heart. Winter sings in my bones the way December winds sing through the spikes of ice in the eaves. I love the gunmetal skies, the frozen ground, I love the snow and the holy hush it casts over everything like a spell. I love the welcome yellow lights of windows in the dark, the smell of Christmas tree needles and gingerbread spice, the ice that fractures under a boot heel like glass.

  8. you look amazing, just free... hope it's a good word.

  9. I love freckles! I used to feel self conscious about my freckles but now I appreciate them so much! Great post. I love these little notes you write.