The season of festivals

The month of June marks the beginning of a season where life can be seen everywhere — in the birds fixed to twigs on the way to their nest, in the blade of grass that springs about your feet, in the sound of running water, in the sprinklers and the gardens growing high towards the sky. I sit on the back porch with my computer and a coffee, I write until I need a break and when I do, I walk to the garden to admire it and then I close my eyes while the sun warms my hair. I think about nothing, only the lilac bush and the electric bees in the distance, feeling calm and covered by sun becomes my full-time hobby.

June also marks the beginning of festival season, a time for the joyous occasion that is music and life coming together underneath a warm sun. I am happiest when I am listening to music, especially when the artists who create it are only 10 feet away from you. When it comes to dressing up for festivals, my belief is that you should always wear something colorful and comfortable. If you're spending all day in the hot sun, you'll want to wear an outfit that is easy to run around in.

I recently teamed up with CrossIron Mills to create my own look inspired by festival fashion — they gave me a gift card and asked me to visit at least three stores to create the look. My mum and I decided to make a date out of it and spent the whole day happily buzzing about like bees, trying to find the perfect outfit for a day at the Calgary Folk Fest. I came upon these easy-to-bounce-around-in overalls at Guess, the blouse and kimono from American Eagle, the flowery hair piece from H&M and the sun shaped heels from Arnold Churgin. This outfit would make one especially blissful on a breezier day or when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Festival season, I'm all yours.

The Outfit
Blouse & Kimono American Eagle
  Overalls – Guess
Hair accessory H&M
Shoes Arnold Churgin
The Location
Ravine behind my house


  1. Love your overalls. Your outfit is perfect.


  2. I love the look you created! The overalls look so comfy to wear and the kimono is absolutely gorgeous


  3. Ooh girl those shoes are stealing the show! Love the look.

  4. Oh, what a lovely outfit! It looks so festival perfect ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. I love dungarees so much but I can't find perfect model for myself and I will never look as good as you tho :(

  6. This looks like a great festival outfit! I'm curious to learn what festivals you will go to!

  7. this makes my heart feel good. the flowers. the colors. everything. your words are a haven, where my mind latches on and my heart opens up and i believe in things.

  8. Hi girl!
    As one who lives in the city in a really warm country, I must say that your life seems really magical to me and I love your style so much and am envy for the lilacs you have there inside all this green.

    Kisses from Tel Aviv.

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