If I were going back to school

I remember every August of my childhood. It was the time where beanstalks were their fullest, sunbeams were their brightest, and every newspaper declared three of the most dreaded words in the English language, Back To School. Every sunset, I would climb the blue fence in our front yard, using all of my baby might, I would tell the moon not to come. I only wanted one August day and I wanted it to last forever.

When I thought of returning to the schoolyard after so many days spent in the garden and by the daisies, I could not stomach it. All of my dreams were the color of a summers day. All of my waking moments were born to explore my world, to find myself and to squish my toes against the grains of sand in life's hour glass. If I sat inside all day with my nose in a book, I would miss watching the ladybugs climb the beanstalks, I would forget the lullaby of an ice cream truck roaring through the neighborhood, and I would long again for daylight spent in the wilderness. When the moon finally came, I would cry out like a hungry coyote, why must the summer come to an end?

Now that I have seen the length of many years far from the schoolyard, how I have watched the flowers and people grow towards the sky and soon after drift away, it is upon me to accept the moon's arrival. At once, I was a child dreaming of stopping the world from turning. I wanted to fill my cup with an endless August day. I haven't changed much. I often continue my dream of discovering a way to turn life's hour glass on its head, but one thing has become new to me. I have learned the beautiful lessons time has taught me. What frightened me yesterday does not frighten me today, what kept me under my bed sheets no longer keeps me there.

Back to school was always made easier by finding new clothes. In September, I could dress up as anything I wanted. The old year was forgotten and I was free to be a new girl. In collaboration with CrossIron Mills, I've dressed up as an ode to my "back to school" ways. It's a little bit of Matilda meets Mori girl. I found the dress at Forever 21, the boots at Journey's and the bow headband at Aldo Accessories.

The Outfit
 Dress Forever 21
  Bow Aldo Accessories
  Boots Journey's
All purchased at CrossIron Mills

The Location
Griffith Woods, Calgary.




  1. Aaw look at you! You are the cutest! I've been following your blog forever and have always been a fan of your beautiful photos. Just love how you capture nature and write some lovely lines to go with the pics. Adorable outfit and freckles too! I comment way too seldom here, sorry, but I'm definitely a big fan of your style. :)

    I've posted some pics of my visit to an antiquer and vintage market. If you're interested in seeing some pictures of antique treasures I would be happy about a click.

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  2. love your words and wardrobe...beauty...inside and out, Amy.

  3. Anonymous18.8.15

    What a cute outfit. I am going back to school in a little less than a week--although with college I don't feel the same dread as I felt whenever I was in a regular public school. I am--dare I say-- excited? Maybe for the reason that I miss my friends and this brings about many new opportunities. But I know soon I will miss the extra time in the sun and the freedom of the forest.
    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  4. Your pictures are amazing!

  5. Anonymous18.8.15

    Nice words, nice pics, nice outfit :)

  6. Oh, what a cute outfit! It's perfect for back to school, it seems to give out an autumn vibe ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. Gorgeous photos and writing, Amy. I love everything about this! xx

  8. The dress is very beautiful, and i love the shoes. Love your post

  9. Lovin the 'note'book! And your bow reminds me of Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service :)

  10. Pretty! I love those boots. I always went back to school shopping in high school, now college textbooks have sucked up all that money, haha.

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  11. freckles!! so adorable :3


  12. Anonymous27.8.15

    This would be such a cute back-to-school outfit though. I remember picking an outfit used to be my favorite part of anticipating the first day of school, because that was pretty much my best opportunity to make the impression I wanted to make, and I always wanted to make a new impression because I always wanted to completely reinvent myself.


  13. What a cute outfit! It's perfect for back to school, love!

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