the inglewood barn

All I ever want to do is press a banjo to my beating heart and strike the strings. When I am out in the city, I feel as if I am standing at a yield sign, only pausing for a moment to be social and brave, until I can return to my beloved banjo and make birds and bullfrogs fly out of it.

I wasn't always this way. It used to be reading and poetry that made me feel at home. I could sit for hours on the bedroom floor reading stories between sunlight and shadow. My favorite ones were always dark, they had the power to dampen the page from the tears of a reader. I did not want light houses or love stories, I wanted sorrow and madness because it made me feel real. I wanted life and all of its honest glory to be written into the sentences of every book.

I want to press a banjo to my beating heart for the same reasons. When I am playing a tune, I feel as if I am standing at the edge of earth overlooking a valley far below. There is moonlight and sunlight, there is stillness and chaos. I could never perfectly describe it and you wouldn't know it until you visit there too. You don't have to be a musician or a singer to feel it, you just have to be listening. When you get there, you'll find a stronger pull towards life than daylight pouring through a bedroom window. It is in these moments where you come closer to the meaning of a life well lived, to be awake and not sleeping, to be singing and not silenced. Listen to your favorite music and you will know.

We took these photographs in front of the white barn of Inglewood, a local neighborhood here in Calgary. The barn was used for storing horses when people were traveling through town, now it sits under lock and key. As much as I love going to where trees grow wide and flowers sprout from the ground, it sure is nice to find history and take photographs beside it, even if that means standing upon city sidewalks. There is beauty to see and songs to be sung from country to town, from mile to mountain, from sorrow to showing teeth, from today until tomorrow.

Keep on singing your own song.

outfit details: Chicwish dress, Oasap petal wedges, Chinese Laundry tights, Value Village coat & sunhat
location details: Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  1. Nothing makes me feel at home anymore. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

    / Avy

  2. Anonymous22.9.15

    I love the curls in your hair, Amy. I also love your words.

  3. I love to find history in my town too, though admittedly I do believe I am more of a city girl than you might be. The best music for me is the sounds of towns waking up. Birds chirping while tires screech and walk signs come on... that's the life I love. Getting up and walking my dog while kids walk to school - those are my own little moments. I love to hear my neighbors waking and coffee grinding first thing in the morning. Oh, and photoshoots on city sidewalks is one of my favorite things. But it's so good to see other appreciating whatever is the best part of the world for them. Each thing needs love for someone. For me, my beloved home is my cozy chair in my white city apartment reading a library book and watching cars drive by. Maybe even add the scent of Earl Grey in there - heaven.

    On a separate note, has anyone ever mentioned they are glad to not see such a non traditional style blog? It's refreshing to see a very personal side of someone and posts that are not all about the latest sales at Old Navy or Forever 21. I like how I always feel like I took a deep breath of clear air when I read your posts. <3

  4. Super super cute! I love the pink, that two piece is adorable <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. Everything is so cute! I love your dress so much but the stocking and shoes are also lovely ><

  6. really love your outer, so cool on you:)
    very inspiring post:)
    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  7. Lovely straw hat, the first photo is really perfect, you would sell it to me in an instant ;)

  8. Anonymous24.9.15

    Hi Amy

    Where does one find a good starter banjo?

    You've inspired me to play :)

    1. Hi there!

      I'd love to help you out. If you want to shoot me an email ( ) I could leave you with all sorts of options regarding starter banjos. Playing banjo is the best decision I've ever made!

      I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

  9. Oh very gorgeos dress, I love it your tights
    Now I´m following you in GFC #2589
    I hope your follow me back

  10. What a cute dress- and you are very poetic in your writing.