my life in photographs

There is a whole world between these strings. A world painted by every sorrow, every bout of waterworks fallen from the eyes, every tongue tied introduction, every "I love you" and every "I don't love you anymore." Music is a band aid to the broken heart and I am forever grateful to the songs and their singers for bringing me into a world which is more beautiful than my own.

Wild flowers growing on the mountainside. In August, we visited family in Vernon & caught golden light. I was happy as happy could be.

I am convinced wild flowers are here to ease our sufferings. There is a smile always drawn when seeing hills painted by these bright summertime beauties.
This photograph was taken on the mountain before we were homeward bound. I was not yet ready to go, it seems like all things worth longing for last only a few sunsets.

Bright red tomatoes hand picked from the garden. I worked diligently on that garden all summer long. Autumn brings a bit of peace and rest as I dream of next year's harvest.

We visited an orchard & filled our bellies with apple slushies. It's always been hard for me to say goodbye to the summer and all of its glory but little moments like apple picking and pulling fruit from the vine makes Autumn seem a lil more palatable.

 I had a health scare at September's beginning, but all has been sorted and I feel much better now. Always remember to get your vitamin levels checked! I was terrified for days after feeling faint that I had something serious tempering with my bones, b12 deficiency was all it came to be.

 Flowers in the morning sun.
 Put this garden in my epitaph — tell the world how I loved it so. 
 Left foot, right foot, repeat - I am savoring each petal and blade of grass still glistening in the morning sunlight. I won't know what to do with myself when the petals fall and blades of grass turn to snow.

 I play the banjo which means I shall never be lonely.

 Leaves the colors of pumpkins and paintbrushes are scattered in the hills and trees.

 A recipe for happiness.

I played a gig with C in town. It was a rare treat for us as we usually play separately. Pictured here is my guitar, the beloved banjo, and C's guitar.

It is Autumn and many of the plants have come to pass and wither into rust, but there are equally many reaching towards the sky. I have books not able to be read because they're stuffed to the brim with petals. This is my favorite habit.

I'm here at the farm studio where C is recording his first album. I sit behind the engineer. I listen with my eyes closed. I put my hand to C's shoulder when he's feeling nervous or strange and I tell him I believe in him. These are the days I will remember when I am old and gray like the high moon above us.

How has your Autumn begun? What are you doing to keep busy?

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All photographs taken with Samsung Galaxy S6. 


  1. "there is a whole world between these strings"
    oh how heartbreakingly true. and how heartbreakingly wonderful that we get the chance to work to tune our ear to those worlds every day. music is a gift, every moment of it is.
    every sentence made of world and pixel molded together into an image is wholesome and dreamlike.
    oh how beautiful this is.

  2. Anonymous7.10.15

    Beautiful Amy. :)

  3. Well, now I know which phone I want, hah. On a serious note, I am glad you were able to get your health sorted out. As a broke person living in America, a health scare terrifies me, because I know I cannot pay the outrageous bill. I try not to plague my mind with worries but I am always happy to those around me healthy. :) Which books are you reading?

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  11. Anonymous14.6.24

    Just came upon this, and your words with these photos evoke so many more images and memories in my mind, they are so clear, your emotions tied to them, relatable. And while there is much more to say to a stranger who's touched you somehow inexplicably, I'll leave it to this short comment and hope it reaches you. Keep living in the world's beauty and sorrow...