aim to be trees | thoughts on sorrow

The sun is on the sea but everything feels sunken like the eyes of an insomniac who putters around at night, he is looking for something he'll never find and a life without sleep is a forest grove without fruit trees. How can we sleep when we watch the news until we have red eyes? How can we go on living knowing others won't get to? How does one continue to believe the world is a beautiful place when the ugliness of others is pressed against our hearts like the sharpness of a pushpin?

The answers are not simple, but I refuse to let music notes turn into unread sheets of fallen trees. I will not let concrete spill into the cracks of my heart. Instead, I hope for music to be heard louder than ever before and the cracks to be filled with soil where beanstalks can grow.  I don't believe it's naive to be hopeful, just like I don't believe those who are suffering from insomnia choose to go without sleep. We can try our best to write poems and make sense of the madness, but even I have felt the earth shake at my feet and wondered what the point of it all was. 

Every so often, the world is a bear and we're tiny blueberries shaking and stirring until we fall. Other times, we're trees who bear flowers underneath a shimmery sun. The point is to aim to be trees, not blueberries, we can withstand the winter even if we lose a few of our branches in the wind. I am with you. A billion aches can be heard across the sea. Songs of silence travel where prairies meet the mountains. Sorrow and heartbreak surround us, but for every pushpin, there is a pillow and on that pillow we will get our rest and dream of waking to a world where mothers aren't hurting.

Let us live, love and find reasons of our own to call this world beautiful. For every living and once living thing, I sing for you. Even when there is a lump in my throat from holding back tears, I sing for you. Let us be pillows, soft hands and songs for those who need us to be. Let us be the spark which lights our way when the cave goes dark.

 outfit details: Chicwish skirt, Value Village thrifted shoes

How can we make the world a more beautiful place? Tell me, what is something that can help others to feel peaceful even when chaos exists?


  1. Love the skirt so much!! And beautiful words :)

    Big Dreamer

  2. Hugs make people feel peaceful. I watched on the news yesterday how there are some muslims in France with signs saying "I am not a Terrorist", and they are comforting people and hugging them and letting them know that not all muslims are extremists. I found that story so beautiful.

  3. I feel your thoughts so very much. I try so hard to not look at the chaos - to find some quiet in a sea of rage! I have found the best way to escape my sorrow regarding recent events is to share kindness with someone - anyone. We have been buying toys to donate to Christmas charities, looking into volunteer opportunities for our local helpless folk, and even taking care of the poor stray kitty that lives by my apartment door. I feel the best way to deal with this sorrowful time is to create beauty in every breath I take. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous23.11.15

    This is a beautiful & inspiring post.

    Thanks for it. I agree with Elizabeth ^^^ helping out in your community is a sure way of feeling better about your world and helping others to see it that way too!

    <3 <3 Tara-

  5. love this skirt!! and loved what you wrote in the post, is it a sort of poem? Because if it is, you should write more, I'd read them :D
    Not fashionable

  6. Amazing outfit <3

  7. Goodness me, what beautiful photographs and that outfit! You have a wonderful style; that skirt is utterly beautiful. What a beautiful blog you have here :) I look forward to exploring it.

    Sterling, XLeptodactylous

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