the cotton covered woods

I am standing in the cotton covered woods while soft flakes of snow float onto my eyelashes. I blink for a moment only to feel the cool air of November travel through the spaces between my fingers. These small spaces where my body ends are where my true love's body begins. We hold hands longer in the wintertime to keep icicles from forming.

Each year, the snow drifts onto the rooftops and every inch of earth grows quiet. I vow not to long for my garden because longing only takes away sand from life's hourglass. If I am here now, in the cotton covered woods with the one I love beside me, why should I want to be anywhere else?
 outfit details: Oasap dress, Value Village jacket, Aldo fringe boots


  1. Waw such such gorgeous pictures, love it :)

  2. Tara T8.11.15

    The snow is so breathtaking and so are your words.... :)

    Love is a lovely thing!

    ~Tara T

  3. These photos are so dreamy, I love the snow

  4. Makes me wish for snow, except not really. I love to look at it but only if I can sip hot tea and write poetry as the flakes dance in the wind. :)

  5. I am so jealous of your snowy backdrop! We just have endless rain! Your coat is fabulous and those boots are dreamy XX

  6. So dreamy both words and pictures! Already snow lands? How beautiful they look! We are here in the middle of an Indian summer autumn ;) I can't complain though. I love the layering of your dress and blouse.

  7. I think you perfects the coat!

  8. I love everything about this blog. Your hat, your smile, your lovely bangs, your outfit! everything...... the tunic..... the tights, the leg warmers........ the boots.....
    I want everything......
    I'm a dance major...a guy...who thinks fashion is fluid and should be fun and even a little edgy..... I'm not afraid to be feminine.
    I often wear sweaters and tunics over tights all over campus...... a great fall tradition for me......
    I am a super fan of your taste....... and you write so beautifully...... are you a writer?

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