Early December

In every December sunbeam, there is a song and it says things will be okay even if it doesn't feel that way right now. I try my best to get out of bed with the gusto of a pony running through a prairie field, but I have been ill and drinking cold water every hour instead. I dream of patches in the grass where a compass in hand leads me to a world where I feel healthy and I'm able to watch the crows outside win their breakfast.

I miss the simplicity of my everyday life - flower petals dying on the kitchen window, coffee so strong you squint when you taste it, the orange glow of a lamp at 5 pm, the dogs scratching at the door for midnight howling, endless emails, waiting for cheques to arrive by mail, not knowing what to wear, reading the weather report and having my mind wonder "how will I end this sentence or begin this song?"

I want to bake a cake before my birthday comes next Sunday, but I am waiting for the stale air of being sick to lift like eyes at the end of reading a poem. I am reaching for December sunbeams at the end of a tunnel. I am dreaming of tomorrow and a night where I can sleep.

On a day when I felt well enough to wander, I visited CrossIron Mills for their Black Friday sales. These color-of-my-dreams cowboy boots from Arnold Churgin were fifty percent off and the American Eagle pea-coat was forty percent off! Despite having what you may call a style blog, I've never truly invested in a nice winter coat. I tend to reach for outerwear that is puffy and warm, resulting in me feeling more like a black bear leaving its den than an adventuring gal. I like this coat and these boots, a lot.
 outfit details: american eagle jacket, arnold churgin shoes, the body shop lipstick, oasap dress
all purchased at CrossIron Mills excluding insect dress



  1. I love those boots too! I have always wanted a colored boots. As far as coats go, I long ago decided that I would not be wearing anymore bear coats. I have two very nice ones now that make me so happy to put on that I do not even mind the cold winds! I hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Such beautiful photos, words and outfit, once again. That pink beret is so pretty.
    And yes to strong coffee, even if that makes you clench your jaw or run to the loo.

  3. Myrna9.12.15

    You look so sweet and classy :) I adore the beret and soft curls ). Keep writing for us to enjoy.

  4. I love this green coat, and i love green color

    Alina www.queenadress.co.uk

  5. amy, i swear you are my favorite! ever so dreamy and lovely. i will never tire of your posts x

    PS. happy birthday!

  6. That coat is so beautiful! Looks fantastic on you as well.


  7. You always look so beautiful! keep the lovely posts coming <3