curling iron: a review
As a prairie girl whose hair only slightly curls at the touch of seawater, I have longed to find ways to make my hair bouncy without having to plan a trip to the sea. Although, I love the idea of swimming to reach my hair goals, life is here on the prairies. I've tried rag curls which work like tiny pieces of cotton magic, but I must sleep through the night in them and some nights, I toss and turn too much!

  I was recently gifted an Irresistible Me curler in exchange for an honest review. Being born with very straight and very thick hair, I have always doubted curlers. Maybe, it's because throughout my life, curling wands worked more like wave-makers that lasted for less than an hour. I imagined saying yes to the review and if the curls turned into pancakes by the second hour, I would tell you and pout for only a moment before accepting the hair I was born under.

  • It works! 
  • Different heat settings make it suitable for all hair types. 
  • Eight different types of curling heads so you can try different styles. 
  • You can aim for fancy curls, ringlets, naturally wavy or create your own curl.
  • The curls stayed in all day without hairspray.
  • On the day after, my curls had turned into natural waves.
  • At first, I was taken aback by the lack of a clamp for holding your hair, I'm the furthest personality from hairstylist so I panicked, but there is a glove to wear so you don't burn your hand and after a few tries, it does get easier.
  • You'll have to experiment often with the different curling heads to understand what kind of curl will form when you put your hair to it.

Well, I didn't have to pout. I didn't even have to look in the mirror and witness my curls growing dull with every hour. The curling wand worked, so I proceeded to take photographs!
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  1. I love the way your hair turned out! I've heard tons of good reviews about this curler, and my hair is the same - it flops after an hour or so.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  2. That sounds like a really cool curler!!! I think I just might want one.

  3. This sounds amazing! I'd love to try this, my hair hates to be curled ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. I love the resut of this curler on you. I'm a user of their hair extensions too and I must say those are the best extensions so far :)

    Have a great day!


  5. Your hair looks great. The wand made some very nice curls. I have naturally curly hair but it's fun to straighten it and try different curl patterns.