belated birthday thoughts

I only have a moment for writing to you today, but every so often the writer can grow a world with only a moment. Today, I don't believe I am that kind of writer, so I'll just let the keyboard spill like snow on the valley until sentences come out. Here I am, writing to you like I have always done but instead of being twenty two, I am twenty three. It was my birthday on Sunday and I feel no more different than the day before. 

 I still long for every day to be spent in the company of wild flowers and the soft glow of my loved ones. I still cry at the flip of a quarter and the sight of a bird with broken wings. I still search for flights and dream of being a traveler. I still tremble when I am cold and laugh when I am bothered, but if I look through the window where the pine shakes off snow, I can believe there are new dreams and new disappointments just waiting for a new day. I will be found. I will be hurt. I will be loved and I will be listened to. After it all, I am still breathing.

It only takes a moment for the writer to grow a world, and if we allow the body to outrun the pen, we can grow a world off of paper and into the hills that surround us. I vow to let this next year be whatever it wants to be, maybe with a little nudge here and a little softness there, I will paint my masterpiece.

Or not, because that's okay too.

outfit details: value village jacket & blouse, free people shoes, crown and glory floral crown, yoins dungarees c/o



  1. Adorei o look, linda.
    Casa Cherry

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Amy!
    You look like a princess. Beautiful photos.
    wish you the best,

  3. These photos are so pretty, I love the lighting

  4. You look so stunningly pretty! As does the landscape.


  5. Happy late birthday! Let life take you and grab you and thrash you around! It's only lived once!

  6. Oh, such gorgeous lighting! I do love how you styled overalls. I love how you wear flower crowns regardless the season. :)

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