my life in photographs

The hour for making music is the sweetest hour of the day.

A weekend in the mountains tastes like sugar but leaves no cavities.

Whenever I feel blue, I pick up my banjo and each strike of a string gives my sadness purpose. I begin my days feeling lighter and sweeter at heart whenever the banjo is in arms reach.

Tis' the season for warm tea.

On December 13th, I began my twenty third year.
 It's winter here.
Few things make me grin so much as black coffee and flowers after milky snow dresses the windows and hilltops. 

Here we are, only three more sleeps until Christmas. It is a calm time in our household, not much changes except for the colorful tree kissing the ceiling top and the endless amount of sweets to snack on. I hope wherever you are, you find yourself well and healthy during the end of December. My phone has been broken so 'my life in photographs' collection lately has been a little empty. I hope to have it fixed soon so I can bring more flowers and everyday joys into the coming year. See you soon.


  1. Anonymous22.12.15

    Lovely. Just lovely!

  2. Your home is so pretty! Aww, these pictures made my heart sing! -Isabella

  3. Hihi, everythinhg is so beautiful. <3

  4. Is that a tablecloth? It's so very beautiful! I need to run out and get some flowers... it's just too dreary to live without them here.

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