january 31st

 It is the last day of January - a day closer to speckled birds seamlessly floating in the sky above our backyard. I dream of carrying my shovel and cart full of seeds into the garden and growing a trail of fruits and flowers. I don't miss the hailstorms nor the rattling thunder but I always miss the garden and its golden grains of sun. 

 I am currently keeping warm by reading books and hearing my banjo echo like a human's holler in the mountains. I fill my days with black coffee and handfuls of honey-sugared almonds. I watch my dogs press their paws against the snow and I dream a quiet dream about green grass springing beneath my feet. 
It is not yet springtime and the branches without buds still cling to the berry bush, but today, we saw two bucks strolling along through the ravine with milky-white antlers. They were made to look even more beautiful against the snowy backdrop. Although - I may find myself wishing away winter's frost, I still appreciate the wild beauty that is this time of year.

outfit details: thrifted shoes, peacock boutique bow, oasap dress


  1. Amazing photoshoot! Love the atmosphere so much! <3

  2. This is one of my favorite blogs!! Thank you for inspiring mine:)

  3. What do you use to edit your photos?! So woodsy and dreamy :)

  4. I live in a weird climate... we had a weekend of spring, but by Valentine's I am positive we will be covered in frost again. It was nice to see the robins hopping about and hear birds singing outside my window, but I am sad knowing that it will not last until at least March rolls around. Until then, I will read and write and wait. :) I hope your spring comes sooner rather than later and that the deer prance with flowers rather than snowflakes.


  5. I live in a country where fountains are blue and winters are green. I do love your country with its white winters; where the maple seeds helicopter to the ground like snow falling.....and family

  6. I love your dress, it looks like something that a fairy would wear ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

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  9. I really enjoyed your blog posts, thank you.

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