the meaning of life

There are two things I think of often — what will I eat for my next meal and how will I find a happy life where I am free to visit the woods and play my banjo whenever I want to. I don't imagine myself rising early in the day only to miss the birds singing because I am sitting in city traffic on route to a box or a boss who doesn't care about my misfortunes. I want to feel like the work I do matters. I want to believe there is more to the stars than just brushes of light. 

You were not born like a butterfly rising from the cocoon or a bird flying from her cradle of wood, it is not in the length of your soar or the first spot you land which reveals the meaning of life, it is in your everyday discoveries, even the ones that seem little and unimportant right now. Coffee in the morning, tea for when you're tired, a new little restaurant on your side of town, the moon at your bedside, seeing friends in rooms you like, the sound of a lone leaf rolling by concrete, this is what matters.

If there ever comes a day where I am sitting in traffic on route to a box or a boss who doesn't care about my misfortunes, let there be music on the radio and Saturday mornings to dream upon. I can only hope and try to build a life where dreams don't stay wrinkled in my coat pocket. Let me have banjo and birdsong for as long as I shall live.

outfit details: chicwish tulle skirt, value village boots, beret a gift from my dad, hairbow a gift from sara


  1. What a cute outfit! You always look so lovely! :)

  2. I am blessed to have a boss that is a wonderful person and be within a 10 minute drive of my work. Kentucky is good about keeping nature in their cities, so I do have birds singing with me in the mornings, but I still dream of a day when I am not crawling into an office to sacrifice 8 hours of my day to something that is not art. You are very lucky to not have this in your life thus far!

  3. What a beautiful post in every way <3

    xox Sammi

  4. Incredibly inspiring post and photos! Thank you for this! :)

  5. love these pictures!! ♥︎

  6. So pretty! I love that skirt.


  7. Your way with words... your imagery; it's just so lyrical, like if birdsong was translated into human words.
    I related to every word of this.
    Thankyou for sharing
    Your photographs as ever are lovely
    Especially the light

    Sarah xxo |

  8. I just discovered your blog and love it! Thanks for what you're putting out there. It's lovely.

    Joy of

  9. beautiful dress, love your blog!

  10. Gorgeous outfit, I really love that skirt, its so pretty!

    Hayley xx

  11. Thank you for this! :) A great blog!