my life in photographs

Let me have banjo and birdsong for as long as I shall live.

Each passing day is one day closer to soil, plants and flowers. Surviving winter comes first.

I feel like finding a soft piece of earth and sleeping the day away. Instead, I stretch my arms to the ceiling and yawn like a woman who has already grown bored of the week ahead. My heart howls for an adventure.

 A day without music-making has become barren like a mountainside with no lodge pole pines or an ocean with no waves.

Medicine for the mind.

 I happily played the Market Collective back in December. Thank you Brendan Kane for capturing this moment!

 The crying cloud grows pretty little flowers. You can tuck them away in a book or two, it's almost as if you've kept a bucket of honey hidden away from the sun and every time you see it, you feel like spring has sprung.

 I spent the entire night tossing around like a cotton dress in a washing machine. I have a to-do list longer than a growing evergreen, but I am alive. Yes I am.

The flower pressing station.

 The beauty of the world lives in a drop of warm coffee and a book to read.



  1. These photo's are so beautiful! (especially the ones of your banjo, which is fast becoming my second favourite instrument, with my first favourite being flute, cause that's what I play!) Have you ever heard the east pointers? their banjo player is rad!

  2. These are some of my favorite of your posts, for they are always so simple and beautiful, full of nostalgia but touched with the modern now. I almost cannot handle the beautiful shadows and lines of light made by the beautiful banjo frets. Not only do you have a gift for music, or fashion or photography, but i believe you have a gift for beautiful. And thank you for sharing that with us!

  3. This is so beautiful. I absolutely love your blog.
    Joy from OutfitZest

  4. So much beauty.You take the loveliest photographs, Amy. <3

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