this kind of adventure

I am sitting in the dimmest light from an old lamp while two dogs bark at the neighborhood squirrel. I have been endlessly busy adding check marks to calendar days and when I finally have a free moment, I'd rather be bubble-bath bound than anywhere else. I can say to you today that I am happy, food tastes good, smiling at my own thoughts, glad to be myself kind-of-happy. There was a long time in my youth when I felt like the sun was moving cattle, but now, I am spending my hours surrounded by music and daylight is welcomed like a kiss from the one who shares my bed.

If you asked me a year ago if I would ever taste this kind of adventure, the one which finds me singing to a sold-out crowd, I would have told you no matter how many eyelashes fall or candles get blown out, a dream is a dream is a dream is a dream. On Friday, I was the opening act for C's album release. As I sang, it felt like a hand was holding my hand and wings were being gently sewn into my bones. I had a moment - one of those you can only understand as you are experiencing it and I lost the everyday belief of being landlocked. It seemed to me that even if I had to cry enough salty tears to fill a sea in the past, it was worth it because it lead me here.

I don't know what tomorrow brings or how many moments in a lifetime will make me feel a happiness such as this, but I'll be relishing in the joy like I do when summer comes to grow sprouts into flowers. I will think about my luck during every bath and morning coffee. I will let this happiness drift through the floorboards and onto every table. It was a mighty February which brought me into a beautiful March. 

Alive and well? Yes I am.

outfit details: eddie bauer blouse, the bay lace boots


  1. Nossa que look lindo, amei <3
    Casa Cherry

  2. YOur images always have such a beautiful and whimsical feeling. Lovely!

  3. So cute, love your gingham top

  4. Oh my gosh, good for you! Good for both of you. I am always so very happy to see other's getting to do what they love most. I think I know that feeling of wings being sewn into your bones. I think that is what happened to me the first time I ever performed in a ballet. It happens now every time I do a modern dance piece. It's like its own form of ecstasy, at least for me. So glad to see you and your love doing music to a sold out crowd. :)

  5. Beautiful. These photos are just lovely. <3

  6. Your blog is uplifting. Thanks for creating it.
    Outfit Zest