Banff, Alberta, Canada

When I rise in the mountains, I turn from wallflower to wildflower, from opaque cloud to sunbeam shower, from a jar of jam that's almost gone to the sound of a strawberry jam lid when it's opened. I become less empty, more enhanced. Less cotton, more skin. Less I wish, more I am. It is here where I rise like a mountain myself until only the wind and pine groves remain.

How brave, how heavenly, as the pin-shaped leaves blow across Lake Minnewanka. I could have stayed in town and listened to the footsteps, instead I rolled to where the sun brews the most forgiving air. Nobody else was around at first, just my mum and I. We stood at the jagged edge and heard the wings of birds in the blue sky above us. We kept our distance as a herd of big horn sheep meandered by.  It was all too pleasant with the mountains as our backdrop until a school bus of loud tourists pulled in. I came to the mountains to run from the noise, and here I was, suddenly surrounded by the kind of people who feed wild animals and yell when they should whisper. I looked at them with scowling eyes, but nothing in me could stop them from startling the sheep and putting shadows where sunshine ought to be. How is it that even in the most forgiving parts of the world, all it takes is one selfish person to shrink the mountain's size? 

They eventually left and we were once again humming in mountain time. We stayed for three days, two nights, ate as much as we laughed, and found in ourselves an endless desire to return again. That is what they do to you, like a reaching grasp from a loved one's hand, these mountains are my home.

 outfit details: Free People sweater, skirt & socks, Montana lace up boots


  1. This is a wonderful post. I too love the mountains surrounding Banff, and have enjoyed many hikes leading up to their magnificent peaks. I feel the same way about the bus loads of tourists who feed the animals and disturb the peace of the mountains...

  2. Wow it is so glorious there

  3. Anonymous12.4.16

    Such a nice post. I just wish it would be summer already so that me and my loved one are finally in our plane to Calgary to see the beauty and (hopefully) quiet of Banff and the rest of Western Canada. But unfortunetely there are still a few months to come. Thank you for sweetening my evening with your beautiful pictures and words!
    Love, Svenja from Germany

  4. Such a wonderful post... The words, the images, the scenery, the clothes, and spending special time with someone in the natural world...

  5. Such a wonderful post... The words, the images, the scenery, the clothes, and spending special time with someone in the natural world...

  6. beautiful scenery and of course, magnificent photographs as per usual
    love the tone of your pics too!
    I guess some people just tune in to a different wave in this world
    it's great that you feel most connected with the earth itself!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  7. Anonymous13.4.16

    Wow, I have always wanted to travel to here. Your photographs & words make it look so beautiful to me.

  8. Looks excellent!
    Thanks for your sharing!

  9. What beautiful pohotography, Id love to visit!

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