It is springtime, hallelujah

The birds are circling in the bluest sky above us, they know what is happening to the trees and the dirt. It is springtime, hallelujah, and all I can hope to do is spend my waking hours being nestled by the sun. As you know, if you often read these posts, I turn into a child the day before summer vacation when the first sign of spring occurs. I run into the grass like an entire graveyard full of the dead suddenly came back to life and returned to their homes where loved ones were missing them. I know it can't always be springtime, so I welcome it with an embrace so warm, even the truest of love would blush.

I don't want to work unless I'm in the garden. I don't want to sit where four walls keep me from the sun. I don't want to travel by train to summer — I want to take my time. This is it. This is the season where time's cruel ability to take things away goes unnoticed because we're too busy being alive with the bees. 

It is springtime warm air, rosy glow, birds are singing, digging trenches for the seeds, life has begun again, springtime. Hallelujah.

 outfit details: Chicwish dress, oasap shoes, thrifted sunhat & scarf


  1. All of your photos are beautiful, I love your dress! I'm so happy that it's finally spring ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Everything is so pretty! Love your dress and shoes...and everything <3

    Big Dreamer

  3. Spring always adds a pep in my step too. I want to be eating salads in the sunsets and digging my toes into the fresh earth. It feels nice to be alive again.

  4. Your dress is so cute! Perfect for Spring!!

  5. And I head into Autumnal weather here in the downunder south , welcoming the cooler mornings and evenings, and the perfect days of May and June. I think our temperatures will be similar in June, although not for long, as you head to the soaring temperatures of August. Is everyone beginning to gather on their decks? I loved that when I lived in Ontario: People would be out on their decks even when it wasn't yet quite appropriate. I also loved the flowers growing far taller than I see them here, then bursting into bloom, knowing full well their cycle is truncated and determined to give the most for as long as possible.

  6. Amy, I lost my first post and forgot to add in the revised version, that your presentation as always is beautifully in accord with your thoughts.

  7. the season where time's pitiless. Do My Homework Online capacity to remove things goes undetected on the grounds that we're too occupied with being buzzing with the honey bees.