my life in photographs

The gladdest things in the jam room & a knack for gathering.

After the long and quiet hours of winter, the garden season is finally upon us. I have already begun to gather plants and blooms so the backyard can be our own little slice of growing poetry.

Early mornings in the mountains are bittersweet. Sweet because the air sings to you like a song about being alive. Bitter because you know this is only a break from routine and soon you'll be back to your own little world of sunlight and shadow. The truth is, my life is bountiful, but I have always wanted to live with the mountains in my view or the sea at my feet. I am happy, but I am happiest when my hair smells like pine trees.

A handful of flowers always makes my troubles easier to bear.
Welcome to the family - a newly acquired vintage electric.

 The spring air sent an invitation to my feet and now all I do and dream of is sitting in the tall grass with a banjo in my arms. Let me live here where boredom is only a passing cloud, where the bumblebees and birds sing louder than rolling wheels, where I think not of tomorrow, only of today.

 I would pawn the midday sun to have lilac blooms always within arms reach.

It is my happiest season - the one where grass is growing wild while the bees hover and gather by the most fragrant flowers. All I want to do is dig trenches and watch nature come alive as it always does during springtime. 

Are you planting your garden? What will you plant or gather this year? Tell me about your life lately. I'll be seeing you soon.



  1. Who won the giveaway?

    1. It was through Instagram so winner was announced there by random draw. She's already claimed her necklace. Thanks for entering if you did :)

  2. Anonymous20.5.16

    I love the magnifying glass photo. Yellow flowers are my all time favorite.

  3. Everything about this post is cosy, pretty and dreamy :) Some guitar porn!