my life in photographs

We went camping in Waterton. This was our morning view. I wish I always had a field of wildflowers and mountain air to walk through. I guess the birds singing in the backyard ravine will have to do.

 A mighty fine view for the morning hop and brew.

 Happiness is homemade toast and sunny eggs over the campfire.

A wasp stung me for the first time in my life. After all of these years gardening and running through the grass, it finally occurred when I was an hour away from catching a bus to a wedding and I had to hurry out the front door. Long live a high pain threshold due to a lifetime of chronic pain and playing sports. Here is a flower to start your day off right.

Summery sun and pretty petals growing all over the hills. Joy after joy after joy in this short but sweet season.

Eating pretzels, not crying your eyes out, drinking lemonade, flowers not tilting their heads and instead growing tall towards a blue sky. Reasons to be happy today.

This is how the garden looked after a few days in June. Now, it's starting to grow wide and tall. I can't wait to see how beautiful it will become!

Medicine for the mind.

It's flower pressing season.

 The lost and found.

Something very exciting came my way - I won first place in a songwriting competition. Yes, me, Amy, the one who has spent a lifetime searching for life's fruit. I feel like I'm walking in a bouncy castle and all the trees are blooming with their lilacs. I want to thank everybody here and beyond who believed in me. Being an artist of any kind is not usually cake and castles, but if you have been with me through it all then I thank you.

 Reach for the cosmos.

July has become the month of music - gigs here, gigs there, watching, listening, playing, moving, it's all so beautiful and interesting to watch the world unfold for me like this. I cannot remember the last day I felt boredom. It was probably before the end of May, when there was no garden to tend to and no gigs to prepare for. I live in this busyness, like I am a bee buzzing from flower to flower. I don't feel thirsty nor hungry, but sometimes I miss blogging regularly and keeping in touch with you. This is just the way life is and one day, it may all become so quiet again that you could hear a tiny mouse scurrying across the backyard grass. For now, I am living in the moment for it is all that I have.

Tell me, how is your July? What keeps you busy? What keeps you satisfied?
I'll be seeing you soon.



  1. i just love the nature pics! amazing <3

  2. That mountain photo is so beautiful, where is that?! Serious wanderlusting through your photos

    The Little Things | Louise x

  3. All of your photos are gorgeous! They remind me of a free-feeling summer ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Congratulations on winning your song writing contest! You deserve it. Although I have not heard you play, if your writing is anything to go by, then I am sure your songs are pure poetry.
    You are an endlessly talented and creative individual ^_^ Wishing you all of the balmy breezy days of perfect seasons and joyful time spent outside.

    Sarah xxo

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