one thousand poems for summer

Summer, how many poems can one write for you? How many dreams can be found in your season? How many flowers? How many bees? How many sighs of relief and grass stains on the knees? This kind of today, where the sun warms you out of sleep and locks you in with every sunbeam. This kind of tomorrow, where you can't wait to see which tomatoes are ready for picking. Summer, you put rose-tinted specs on me and I find myself calling for you whenever you go away. Now that you are here, I watch you like an hourglass, slipping with sand as every second passes. If only I could find ways to slow you - like drinking iced lemon tea with sips and not gulps or sitting crossed legged in the garden instead of running into the city. 

Summer, you tell me what I already know - that life is beautiful and that it ends.

The dress I am wearing is from an online boutique called the kewl shop. If you read here often, you'll know I'm not one who wears a lot of fitted clothing. Maybe you'll find me in the occasional skin hugging blouse with a flowing skirt, but rarely do I show the shapes and lines which make me me. I think my reasoning is less to do with being self conscious of the belly and rump, and more to do with my constant quest for comfort. However, wearing clothes that show me exactly as I am can be a little frightening. Sometimes, it's easier to be hidden in your clothes like a comma, for there is more to be revealed, than to dress like an exclamation mark, which reveals much more. Wearing this dress was a gamble for me, but if you aren't a thrill seeker that takes to bungee jumping or deep sea diving, then wearing clothes out of your comfort zone is an easy way to add a little spice to your everyday life. I love the pale blue color too.

I wore it today and I'll wear it again. I wrote in the garden and now I intend to sleep by the marigolds.

See you soon.

outfit details: value village straw hat,  the body shop lipstick, the kewl shop dress