home from the road

We walked over tree roots and fallen leaves, we stood beside the sound of waterfalls and silent creek beds. I watched pebbles roll down from the cliff side and I made sure not to trip as the fall would be long and not worth the trouble. I survived again and I will see my hair grow longer and my heart grow deeper as nature encourages this kind of resolution. I will see more days. I am here. I will listen to nature's endless symphony, which you can hear no matter where you are standing. I will cry. I will laugh. I will have moments of cursing the air for not making me feel like I belong and I will have moments where a grin forms with the knowledge that I do belong. An otter here, a seal there, barking dogs, waves chanting at the moonlight, you, I, everything. It is such a pleasure to be alive today. And if I die tomorrow, tell the world I lived. I lived. I lived & I lived some more as the blue sea sings its song for those who want to hear it. 

It rained all through the night but the sun has returned for early morning how are you's. I laid in my bed as the soft sound pitter pattered against the grain of the roof and it felt like I was being rocked to sleep in a cradle. Something about the sea makes me feel less worried, less closed, less concerned about the way earth can feel at the bottom of my feet. I simply exist. And sometimes, that is all we can hope to gain in a day, the knowing of how we are existing, living and pumping blood through our roots. I don't have ego here. I don't have riddles running through the brain. I have nothing to solve. I have nowhere to be. The sea calls to me like a friend to say "This is it. This is it. You are here. Glad to have you."

The morning view from the porch where we stayed.

Frozen yogurt by the sea, no place else I'd rather be.

The mountainside in Alberta - on our way to beautiful British Columbia.

We returned home safely after a week on the road and by the sea. I have so many photographs and stories to share with you, but for now, I'll leave you with a few snippets of our days spent traveling to Vancouver Island and visiting the sea like it was where we were born, the truest home for us, the place where our troubles attach to balloon strings and float away into the sky.

I'll be seeing you soon.



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