Tofino, British Columbia. the seaside

I wanted to write this post sooner — but I have been busy like a bird feeder in the middle of spring. There is no telling when the days will come to a pause and I will return to the normal speed in which life travels on, but for now, I am allowing the time to go as it pleases while I occupy my head with places to go and my feet with places to be. Every hour, there is music that is joyous and pure but I wouldn't mind a day where I can drift from bubble bath to bed and back again.

I want to put the kettle on, chew a marshmallow and lazily wander around the house knowing tomorrow is free and the day after, but with busyness comes adventure and with adventure comes a racing heart that says "you are alive."


These photographs were taken during our trip to Vancouver Island. It began as a warm day with a hint of wind, a most beautiful time to be traveling by the sea. Tofino, British Columbia was two hours from where we slept so we rose early, let the steam of a hot coffee say good morning to our senses and made sure the only thing left behind was any aches or quarrels we once had. After all, the road and sea both have their own way of saying 'let it go...let it be..' The road to Tofino was being fed by rain and unless you have stood in the old growth forest while this happens, describing to you the scent of earth rising would be like telling you the ending of a book. It is something worth experiencing for yourself — and I hope, whoever reads this, already knows or will come to know the feeling of rain reaching moss and 200 year old trees. I wish it was in me to know how to transport you there, but then if I could, I'd never be home.

We all have our places the ones we visit by memory when the day gets dark. Tofino has become that place for me. This was my first time seeing the jagged island being both caressed and slammed against the seawater. The beach waves rolling into me and the surfers in the distance being swept by the wind. I couldn't believe the absolute ruggedness that was here on this coast, it felt prehistoric, like humans had no place being there and yet there they were. The sun came out as we walked the sand and a warm shade of air lifted the spirits of all who felt it.

After standing by the sea in marvel and awe, we walked into the town site where little bright houses lined the streets and fishermen bring their daily catch to the myriad of restaurants. I wouldn't want to be here in a storm, but any other time, this would be the dream I wouldn't dare try to wake from. It was time travel at its best.

Tofino, bring me to you again.



  1. This looks like such a beautiful weekend escape, I'm loving your fox scarf too!

    The Little Things | Louise x

  2. Whoa, remarkable, i like the beach, nice outfit, by the way.

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