Dreams and Embroidered Jeans

I would have liked for this morning to begin with a strong mug of coffee held between my hands and somebody to listen to me as I talked about the dreams I had last night. Instead, I am sitting alone in a slightly bright mood that waxes and wanes with the weather. In black ink, I write out the dreams and as I do, they begin to make even less sense and then I wonder how strange I must be to have dreams such as these. There were talking gorillas, an endless supply of watermelon growing on trees, somebody telling me the sun was on its way out, an uncle whom I haven't seen recently telling me not to be so hard on myself, cats the size of city buildings, music notes where pillows used to sit and potatoes growing where the snapdragons used to rise. When I opened my eyes this morning, I felt different than I felt when I closed them. Have you ever had that? A dream that takes off running and when it is over, if it is ever really over, you walk down the hall towards the coffee maker feeling like a new person, wondering where that old person went, all because of a dream you had as the moon stood bright.

I have never been somebody who believed dreams had a hidden meaning, most of my dreams are puzzle pieces where every edge has the same jagged shape. They don't fit together, they just exist. I am far more curious about the leftover feeling, when it stays with you, when you have already woken and yet what you felt or seen or heard lingers on. I sit here, hours later, feeling like there is something in me that wants to begin again, like roses do even after the harshest of winters, so I trade the usual dresses for denim and I walk into the usual woods where dreams of what could be have suddenly returned to me. After months of lacking any paint on the paintbrush so to speak, it is a welcome feeling this feeling of being able to dream again.

Hello comes the prospect of sunflower seeds, goodbye goes the dreariness of a month ago. 

outfit details: american eagle jacket, thrifted blouse, topshop at hudson's bay embroidered jeans, asos butterfly necktie


  1. I know that feeling, it is incredible how mysterious is this life.
    Your words and photos, everything, this post is beautiful, like you!

    Golden Poppy

  2. Another stunning post. Beautiful pictures and words, Amy.

  3. Those dreams can be so cool. I'll always remember, when I was a teen I had this EPIC feel-good dream. I woke up feeling its happy epic-ness, and when me mom was driving me to school, what comes on the radio but Dreams by the Cranberries. Can you imagine?! I was like "WHAT DOES it MeAN???" Hahahaha...

    Hooray for Spring! This is a song we sing in the daycare I work at:

    Spring is coming, spring is coming
    birdies build your nest.
    weave together straw and feather
    doing each our best, doing each our best
    spring is coming, spring is coming
    flowers are coming, too.
    daisies, lilies, and daffodillys
    all are coming through, all are coming through
    spring is coming, spring is coming
    all around is fair.
    shimmer, glimmer on the river,
    joy is everywhere, joy is everywhere!

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