we came here to visit the birds

We came here to visit the birds because in doing so we let our expectations of the day become less trivial, less want-based, less wasted, more like slumber at the end of a night or food at the first blush of morning. Standing at the hillside and looking onto the trees feels necessary for those of us who are prone to ceiling stares when we cannot sleep, those of us who feel frantic for all the lives we'll never live. To watch the birds not only means to marvel at nature or to let fresh air replace the recycled air we're so used to breathing, to watch the birds means to wander outside of our own heads for a little while, a certain kind of walking from the mind and into the wellspring of daylight and what it means to be us.

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  1. Mama9.3.17


  2. Your writing and pictures are stunning. I love you dress as well, super beautiful!

  3. Wholl10.3.17

    These would make such a great present! Super cute, thanks for sharing xxx You will like to see more fun from here.

  4. " those of us who feel frantic for all the lives we'll never live. " - sounds familiar!

    Dear lord are these photos beautiful... like seriously my eyeballs feel like clouds.

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