5 goals for March

 Tomorrow, March begins. It is as if February was wearing running shoes and I barely remember a second of it passing. I didn't make any of my goals for February, mostly because I forgot to, partly because I had the winter blues all month long and the last thing on my mind was setting goals and adhering to them. It is in my hopefulness that March will be found more fair, artistic and wonderful for us all! 

1. No more stir-crazy
I need to spend more time outside, even if it is cold on the cheeks. More walks in the day near the woods would surely equal a happier human in me. Winter makes me feel cooped up and then I pity myself and that is not a good way to live.

2. Food makes the world go round
 I want to cook something I have never cooked before. I think it would welcome a healthy change to challenge myself with something other than music and art. I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to living but sometimes a person needs to do something different. I want to try something more complex, even if it ends in disaster for the taste buds! 
3. Something to match my solemn winter mood
 Learn I wish my baby was born on the banjo. This one is the dictionary definition of sorrow.

 4. Paint and re-do
8 years taking bubble baths in a shallow tub, looking upwards to see wallpaper aging, wishing it could feel like it belonged to me, this most frequented bathroom across the hall. I bought paint ages ago with the hope that I would paint the bathroom and make it mine, but I have yet to do so. March on March, there are no excuses for it now.

5. Log Out
When warmer months are here, I rarely ever log into social media. I am too busy listening to the bees and standing in the garden. I need to learn how to do this in the winter time too. I fear I am spending far too much time reading what other people are up to and comparing my life to theirs. As if my life is a shell, and theirs is a planet. I need to stop. Log out. Get fresh air. Drink tea. Play banjo. Watch the squirrel stealing pine cones or a television show. Forgetting about the world sometimes builds you a better armor so when you step back into it, you don't lose yourself in the process.

What are your goals? Ideas? Dreams? Plans? What does March mean for you?
Let me know in the comments! 



  1. YUP. I relate to much of this. It’s sad but I think roughly 75% of the time I feel that I’m not living life the way I’d hope for myself, which feels dangerous and mournful, keeps me up in the middle of the night and strikes fear in my heart, as there is an expiration date for this life. I won’t even say how many years i’ve felt like this….!

    I wanna be outside. I want to not stare at a screen as much as I do. I want togetherness. I want solitaryness. I want healthy choices for my body. I want adventure. Coziness. Music. Movies. I want to regret less. I want to woe-is-me less. I want to increasingly care less about what others think of me. I want to hug baby donkeys gently. I want to make movies. Visit Japan. Rent a beach house with friends and pretend that we are younger and not so attached to being at home just with our boyfriends. I want to create juicy satisfying creations. I want to find myself in a field in Ireland again. I want to camp more!!! Be around a campfire with instruments and friends. I want to feel freer. I want to help others. I want to daydream. Listen to a song 10 times in a row. Meet more kindred spirits. I want to go on odd and interesting and dorky field trips. Yes, cook new and interesting things! I want to try to bake a Swedish Princess Cake! Connect and embrace with nature more. Write down the locations of where to harvest free food in my town when it’s in season and go get some goodies. Etc. I want to feel like i'm really living. And when I am looking at a screen, let it be a good return on investment -- like reading your beautiful, sincere expressions and viewing your magical photographs <3

    You are a treasure, Amy! To be a kind, contemplative, candid human is super impactful, literally makes the world better in the most magical, concrete, non-platitude-ey way. Thank you for a lovely post, and the invitation to express what I want!

  2. Anonymous1.3.17

    I am also trying to do less screen time. I spend a lot of time in front of one for work, but at home, my attention is better served towards withered pages, my family, and my pets. I feel like social media has gotten a little to serious - too entwined in our lives.

    In March, I want to get my butt in gear and decorate my house. We've almost been here a year! It's time to get all my thrifted finds in their rightful places.

  3. This month I'm releasing and letting go, creating new healthy routines, I'll keep journaling like a crazy, and also spending less time in the screen!

    Beautiful post!
    Love from Colombia <3

  4. These are fantastic goals! I think it's so important to constantly be striving to get more out of life. I think I will borrow some of your goals this month, Amy :)

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  7. These are wonderful objectives. I believe it is critical to continually strive for more from life. Amy, I guess I'll steal some of your goals this month:)