Dear Thursday,

let's light the sky on fire, and play in the pumpkin patch.
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November bends above me, like a canvas of pink hues. The time of year is beautiful. The forests become the city, dressing nature's colors everywhere.   And I feel at peace.
Nature feeds my comfort. I am comfortable, like a pillow on a bed.  
I'll forever envy the beauty of the oak trees, and the flavor of the sweetest cookie.

My nose is stuffy, but I can't complain, there's love in my veins. 
What else should I want?
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My beautiful darlings, meet my baby black bear. His name is Ari, and he belongs to the couch. He refuses to let the world believe he's just a cute puppy.  He's got more bark than bite, more fear than fight, and if you cuddle him, he'll never deny your love... (but he'd take treats over cuddles, any day...)
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And me, I'd take a city over a prairie town any day.
I used to live in a town by the prairies. A town too small for desire, too tiny for change.  
One day, I woke up belonging to a new city.  
This new city has mountains, and sky lines painted by lights.
There's music and culture and new heart beats everywhere.   

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It's sorrow to live in a small town when you need music, and culture, and heart beats to keep you satisfied.  In my prairie town, music would stick to the walls of my bedroom, and echoed through my ears alone.  Now, folk songs are found in every coffee shop, in churches, on side walks. Music is e v e r y w h e r e.  

I've lived in the new city for two years now. And I've already witnessed the melodies of some of my favorite musicians 5 feet away from me.  I've danced through two folk festivals, many nights of local music, and open mics.  Most recently, folk singer Josh Ritter performed in a local church.  I eagerly waited two hours in the wind, time moved slow, but for a concert like Josh Ritter's, I would have waited days.  He performed three feet away from me.  I'm lucky. So lucky.
My eyes lit up with magic, and my heart skipped beats.
I'll never be the same.

"With all your living on landslides
With all your living on flood tides
Its a wonder how you rise
above all that"

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I am not the same. Not only because of Josh Ritter's magic, but by the magic of this city.  In my prairie town, I lived a shy life. I was afraid of so many things. I told myself, I would never pierce my ears, I could never be that brave.  I could only dream of diamond earrings. I lived a life of gold rings, necklaces, and clip on earrings.  The clip on earrings weren't enough, but I was too afraid.

Then came the day. Suddenly, in this magical new city, I walked into a salon, and left with two blue gems hugging newly pierced ears. I'll never know how bravery overcame me, but I'm glad it did. Not only did I fight my fears, but I've got something to show for it. Two holes in my ears where the jewelry goes.

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Sweet day dreams!

dress; forever 21 $15
tights; the bay $8
booties; zellers $10
cardigan; moms/the gap $20


  1. Anonymous4.11.10

    Those tights are marvelous
    and your earrings are great on you

  2. This is very similar to my story... I, too, was shy and reclusive and afraid of things until I moved to a new place. I, too, believed I would never get my ears pierced... lo and behold two years later, earrings are the one piece of jewelry I always wear!

    Cute outfit. I like the shoes, and the ruffly skirt!


  3. Lovely post. Diamond earrings are the best!

  4. Ahh beautiful outfit again and I love your writing about fall. You capture it perfectly how everyone is more draw to earthly tones and how amazingly beautiful it all is :D
    Your hair is looking so lovely (i'm quite envious)

    Ayesha x

  5. Those are some unique tights. I love the angles in it and the way you played with shapes in this outfit.

  6. gorgeous outfit, you look great. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for a vintage cross necklace if you'd like to check it out. :)

  7. Anonymous4.11.10

    Amy tell me tell me how do you do your hair like that/

    and I love your love for music, your a princes

  8. you look so pretty! :)

    thanks for your comment and i hope you are entering my giveaway x

  9. Anonymous4.11.10

    Thanks for your comment! Love your style <3

  10. awesome outfit. i love it especially the tight :)

  11. your words have a poetry about them, its quite wonderful :)

    these are fantastic photos!

  12. cute outfit honey~~
    check out my blog if u have time

  13. Anonymous4.11.10

    the stockings are kick-ass. who knew the bay had such nice things haha

  14. love the belt! hihi
    love your smile <3
    and happy halloween :D

  15. Anonymous5.11.10

    you're on my blog roll!
    you've got a great blog, keep it up!
    and come visit COSMICaroline, it's being revamped with more posts and chic looks!


  16. I love your tights! Your blog is so amazing.

    The Style Sandwich

  17. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous !

  18. great autumn style here!

    cute blog:))


  19. you looks so beautiful!!
    nice blog :)


    if you can or hav a time, follow me ^^

  20. Love the pics and the outfit. All that layering is amazing. And Ari is the cutest :D.


  21. great outfit, love the belt:)))
    check out my blog

  22. You look wonderful, very pretty! I love the layering and your puppy is so cute!

    Definitely gonna follow you, hope you can do the same.


  23. Hi, sweetye!
    this outfit is so adorable and original and you're so pretty! I love the cardigan and the blues togheter.
    Thank you for writing in my newborn blog, you made me so happy.

  24. I utterly adore your tights.

  25. adoring your style!! you look really beautiful and stylish and lovely :)

  26. fantastic blog!! and look! more kisses form spain

  27. beautiful!

  28. i really like the outfit, it's great!

  29. Anonymous5.11.10

    You wore it before havent you
    It's so nice

  30. very nice! love layers and tights

  31. i love that look!

    Nici from

  32. I really like the stockings

  33. Anonymous5.11.10

    You look so pretty! And I think Ari is adorable!

    Camila F.

  34. You are beautiful! I am in love with your outfit, the layers are so pretty. What a great blog you have - thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Xo Chelle

  35. Your outfit is stunning (as are you)- I just adore everything about it...the skirt, tights, blouse, etc. Beautiful words as well. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yours is sooooo lovely. Following now:-)

  36. Beautiful pictures and what a great outfit!

  37. thank you for your comment on my blog. you have incredible style, i love your outfit! love the layering and your leggings.

    love, M

  38. Thanks for your commnt girl!!
    I like your blog to much...Have got a so cute style, I love it!*


  39. you are right.
    The pink hues are fabulous!!!

    Love the outfit.
    And teh earrings are cute!

  40. yay for your culture and local music! i know all too well how crazy it can be to live in a small town with just about zero culture. my experience comes in a much different form, but i can't wait to get back to music and art and poetry and books and recycling and, well, culture! that said, every place has its beautiful and underbelly parts. i wouldn't change my story for the world :)

  41. Georgia6.11.10

    I saw you on Facebook when Teen Vogue made you best dressed reader of the day. (Congrats!) Anyway, I absolutely loved the outfit but when I read that you are a bohemian girl I hesitated to click on the link to your blog. I am so glad I did! I am usually not into the bohemian style but every single one of your outfits are amazing! I am now obsessed with your blog. You are so pretty! Keep up the good work! :D <3

  42. i love this outfit! you are so pretty.. love your blog, i'm following! :)

  43. those tights are so cute ! no wonder teen vogue picked you as best dressed! keep up the great work.

    greetings from Ireland
    fifi and niamh

    hope you stop by some time.

  44. WOW! This outfit is amazing!! Love your style you are gorgeous!!


  45. Love this outfit! And especially those fun tights.

  46. Cool tights!
    love the outfit!
    great way to put all the pieces together.